Legion – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review


We Are Legion

After last week’s impressive episode featuring the time demons, Legion returns to see David launch his counter-offensive. With David and Farouk both flirting with the idea of a final showdown, the episode gives us teasing glimpses of what could be to come in the second half of Legion’s final season.

Like a wolf chasing rabbits, David is not messing around. He launches a counter offensive after Switch has been taken and destroys a ground convoy. On-board the truck, David confronts the man in charge and finds out Switch is on the airship. As a parting gift, he erases his memory.

Still shook up by her ordeal, Lenny laments her life with David and rejects him, especially after holding her own child. David tries to persuade her to stick with him but the pain is too much; Lenny drives a knife into her throat and kills herself.

Back on the airship, the mainframe come up with a plan to ascend into the upper atmosphere of the Earth. Space to be more precise. Farouk tells them all he can fight David but the others aren’t so sure and follow the mainframe’s plan.

Meanwhile, Farouk tries to get inside David’s head but he shakes the demon free and unfortunately manages to find the airship. David’s girls giggle maniacally while Kerry tries fighting them off. Determined to make amends, David finds Syd and talks to her about Farouk, telling her she shouldn’t have trusted him. Syd refuses to tell David where Switch is but he promises that when he finds the time traveler, he’ll reverse time and make sure everything is good again.

Syd tells him she loves him before touching his face and causing time glitches. Syd jumps inside David’s body and saves Kerry. However, she’s confronted by legion – hundreds of raspy-voiced Davids. Unfortunately, she’s too late with her plan and David overpowers Kerry and snaps her sword. With the plan thwarted for now and David’s mental instability on display for all to see, Farouk captures him and antagonizes the powerful mutant. Just as things look bleak, Switch arrives and creates a portal, transporting Farouk to a desolate wasteland as David embraces the time traveler. Remorseless, David begins singing which encourages everyone else to sing ‘What’s So Funny’ too.

Switch promises the monsters will return if they jump back again but David tells her he’s not worried – he’s got a different plan this time. Switch draws her portal and after taking a deep breath, steps through it.

Although not quite as artistic or creative as the previous episode, Legion delivers another impressive chapter in its tale. This time, it’s all about David’s counter-offensive – and what a mark he makes. With casualties on both sides of the conflict and promise of more time travel shenanigans to come, Legion looks set for an explosive finish. I’ve said it before but what’s really made this season so endearing is more urgency as the show hurtles toward the final fight to come. We see a lot more action this episode and really, this season too. For the most part, Legion continues to show off its impressive visuals through its choice of colours and fading edits.

While not quite hitting the same lofty heights of the previous episode, Legion continues to impress with another slice of hedonistic drama that edges us closer toward the final conflict.


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