The Legend of Vox Machina – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Hope Devourer

Do Vax and Scanlan escape the inside of Umbrasyl?

In The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 12, an older Scanlan recounts how he and Vox Machina slayed the dragons. His daughter Kaylie is with him, as well as his two grandchildren. Of course, it’s all a dream Scanlan is having from inside the belly of Umbrasyl. 

To go after them, Keyleth turns into a giant hawk to carry Percy and Pike while Vex goes up on her broom.

Umbrasyl dips low, but he’s still not able to lose Grog, who climbs up his back. Grog repeatedly stabs into its back until Umbrasyl blasts him off with acid. The others fly down to catch him; nevertheless, he hits the ground.

Meanwhile, Scanlan and Vax are able to make their way out through a wound in Umbrasyl. As they fall off the dragon, Vax calls on the Matron of Ravens for help. She gives him wings to catch his friend, and they fly off to join the others.

Why does Vax insist Vox Machina go after Umbrasyl?

Pike is able to heal Grog some, but not completely. They then see Umbrasyl heading into the mountain, but Scanlan thinks they’re not ready to go after him. Vax insists they need to go after him now, while he’s hurt. Despite their own wounds, it’s their best chance.

Thordak contacts Umbrasyl to ask him for what he needs for the Emergence, but Umbrasyl ignores him. Umbrasyl tells Ripley that Vox Machina is heading their way with the vestiges. Seeing that Umbrasyl can heal himself, they should be easy kills.

Vax decides to scope out the mountain. While the others wait on him, Scanlan confesses to Pike that Kaylie is his daughter. She tells him he can decide to be better for her sake.

The dragon reveals himself to Vax, causing him to run, but not before Umbrasyl strikes him down. Keyleth and Vex worry, so the party decides to go after Vax while Pike waits outside with Grog. After a fight, they’re all able to find a way out where Umbrasyl can’t follow. But with the Mythbreaker, Umbrasyl is able to track them.

They want to run, but Vax tells them they can’t stop fate. They’re meant to be here. Scanlan is then reminded of Kaylie’s words and how he needs to stop running.

Who kills Umbrasyl?

Umbrasyl finds them, and the fight resumes. He’s able to grab Fenthras from Vex, but Pike and Grog come in to help. He next fixates on getting the gauntlets. Scanlan’s hands shake as he tries to think of what to do. When he sees his friends hurt, he’s about to run, but Kaylie’s voice in his head causes him to stop.

Umbrasyl takes the gauntlets and Vox Machina becomes dejected, realizing they can’t beat him. But Scanlan is suddenly behind the dragon. Having stolen the Mythbreaker, he stabs Umbrasyl in the eye and causes the dragon to collapse. Watching from the shadows, Dr. Anna Ripley makes a run for it. Vox Machina never catches sight of her.

Does Scanlan die?

Scanlan is crushed underneath the dragon and Pike is out of healing. She tells him she always knew what he could do and kisses him, telling him his daughter would have been proud.

It turns out he’s not actually dead!  When he gets up, they see a glow of all the treasures Umbrasyl has collected. Vax watches the raven queen disappear. She has been with them all this time.

Now, to Whitestone. They have the vestiges and need to let the people know there’s hope. Scanlan admits Vax he was going to run. But even if he doesn’t believe in the Matron, he believes in Vax. 

What does Raishan want from Vox Machina?

They arrive in Whitestone and meet Cassandra and the others. Cassandra raises a glass to Vox Machina, and they discuss their plan to kill the three other dragons. 

Yennen knows of Thordak’s weaknesses. She tells them to think before they act and to understand that not all is as it seems. Suddenly, Yennen’s eyes start to glow and everyone except Vox Machina collapses.

Yennen is actually Raishan. She drugged the others so she could speak to Vox Machina. She assures Vox Machina she could have already killed them if she wanted to. But she wants to be allies with them to take down Thordak.

He’s become irrational and insane. He wants to strip Tal’Dorei of its gold not for greed, but for another purpose. 

How does The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 end?

Meanwhile, Vorugal tells Thordak of Umbrasyl’s death. This is of no matter to Thordak, as an army awaits to inherit this world. Below him lie hundreds if not thousands of dragon eggs, just waiting to hatch.

The Episode Review

What an interesting way to incorporate Vax’s new patron and beliefs of chasing fate. This episode weaves together Vax’s and Scanlan’s struggles seamlessly and gives us character goals to root for even as we cheer for the destruction of Umbrasyl.

And what a killer ending. We’ve now got not one, but two evil figures to watch out for. Dr. Anna Ripley is still out there, and so are a good deal of dragon eggs. So that’s… one dragon down…. Perhaps thousands more to go? Season 3 can’t come soon enough.

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