The Legend of Vox Machina – Season 2 Episode 7 “The Fey Realm” Recap & Review

The Fey Realm

In The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 7, Keyleth informs the others she tried to take them all to the next vestige, but Umbrasyl disrupted her spell–meaning not all of them could be transported all the way to the Fey Realm.

The mystery of the realm is confusing, but it only fascinates and excites Percy, who leads them on a quest to find the next vestige. He advises them that the environment could react to their moods, so make sure to remain positive. Of course, Vax has the most trouble with that, so they have to try a more hostile approach to free him from the realm’s plants.

Pike, Scanlan, and Grog are transported somewhere else. Pike tries to heal herself, but can’t close up the wound due to Grog’s sword feasting on her blood. Scanlan goes after it, but Grog protects the blade. They beg him to get rid of it, but the sword has too tight a hold on Grog. It makes him believe Pike and Scanlan are only jealous of his power.

It takes control of him and causes him to go after his friends–but when Grog remembers hurting Pike, he tries to destroy the sword with the surrounding rocks.

The sword tells Grog he’s taking him with it. When Grog finally breaks the blade, blood spews forth from it, and Grog passes out. When Grog wakes up, his muscles are gone. Pike assures him she can get the ingredients to restore his strength. The surrounding landscape looks like Tal’Dorei, so she knows just where to get help.

Grog is so weak that Grog and Scanlan have to help him with every step he takes in a travel montage. PIke comments that it’s sweet for Scanlan to care for Grog, causing Scanlan to blush. But he brushes off her compliments with yet another joke.

In the Fey Realm, Vex finds a satyr who has been spying on them. He introduces himself as Garmelie, and he tells them he can guide them to where they need to go. Percy advises they ignore him. Keyleth and Vex agree, but Vax continues to act coldly toward all of Percy’s suggestions. Of course, Garmelie only follows them, offering to help whenever they need him. 

Vax somehow upsets small, slimy creatures, and they meld together to form one large blob and attack him. Vex summons Trinket to help them, but nothing they do seems to have an impact on the creature. The slime sends spores at Keyleth and Vex, causing them to hallucinate. Eventually, Vax realizes it’s specifically after him, and he tries to lead it away. 

Percy goes after Vax and manages to save him from the creature with an electrical mechanism in his glove. Still angry, Vax tells him he didn’t want his help. But Percy insists he’ll always have his back.

Vax comments that the creature is against him. He thinks it’s the armor’s fault. It’s like it’s not heading in the same direction as everyone else.

Meanwhile, Umbrasyl shows Thordak the Mythbreaker, but the Conclave leader doesn’t care for the Vestiges of Divergence. He lets Umbrasyl keep seeking them out, but advises him not to forget their mission.

Garmelie again offers his help guiding Vox Machina, which they accept this time. They come across a city Garmelie says once appeared out of nowhere. They’ll have to cross it to get to the bog.

Strangely, Vex and Vax recognize it. It’s Syngorn, and they once lived there with their father.

The Episode Review

This episode may be on the slower side, but it still makes important progress for Vox Machina as they head on two respective journeys. 

I truly do miss the kind Vax of season 1, but understand the direction his character is going now. The lovable rogue is still underneath that (reasonable) angst and has me looking forward to the ups and downs of his tie to the Matron of Ravens.

As for Grog, his storyline is more intriguing than I thought it could be. There’s something he’s avoiding in his hometown, and there’s something important he’s not sharing about the man with the gauntlet vestige.

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