The Legend of Vox Machina – Season 2 Episode 1 “Rise of the Chroma Conclave” Recap & Review

Rise of the Chroma Conclave

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Episode 1 picks up right where season 1 left off. In Emon, Sovereign Uriel cedes the government to the council of Tal’Dorei. But his speech is interrupted by the arrival of several dragons intent on destroying the city. 

Uriel and several other citizens die in the ensuing chaos, although Allura fights against the dragons valiantly. In the battle, Vax briefly notices a mysterious figure before they vanish.

Vox Machina gets separated, and one half has a brief run-in with an ancient green dragon Raishan–the same whose eye peered out at Keyleth in Brimscythe’s lair. Meanwhile, the ancient red dragon, Thordak, demands that Emon surrender. While his companions sunder Emon, Thordak announces a new age: “the rule of the Chroma Conclave.”

Vox Machina meets up at Gilmore’s, but his shop has been decimated. Percy finds him crushed under the rubble, but alive. After Pike heals him, Gilmore allows them to raid what’s left of his stores. And when the city starts collapsing around them, Gilmore draws them all near to transport them to Vox Machina’s home.

What’s happening is confusing and terrifying. Dragons don’t typically form alliances. It worries Gilmore that together they could destroy all of Tal’Dorei. Keyleth wonders if this was their fault for killing the blue dragon, Brimscythe. But Scanlan doesn’t understand why any of this is their problem to solve.

People knock on their gates, so Vox Machina invites in refugees from Emon. But they are not even safe within their own gates. When white dragon Vorugal blasts his way through, Keyleth opens a portal to Whitestone for them all, and they barely escape.

They’re safe at Whitestone for now.  But the rest of the world is in extreme danger. Yennen advises they go to Vasselheim, a city run by religious orders. It’s their best chance to find armies to help them. Scanlan still argues against it, believing they aren’t qualified to deal with the dragons.

But the rest of the group remind him of how they helped the people of Whitestone. And when he sees some Whitestone children admiring them for fighting the dragon, he finally gives in. They’re going to Vasselheim–specifically, to the platinum sanctuary.

While Keyleth opens a portal for Vox Machina, Vorugal reports back to Thordak that the group escaped. Thordak advises Vorugal to plunder the land and bring him its spoils. But he commands black dragon Umbrasyl to hunt down Vox Machina and “show them the wrath of the Chroma Conclave.”

The Episode Review

What a thrilling return for Vox Machina. Barely do we get a chance to take in the heroes’ prior success in Whitestone before we’re plunged into a merciless and gory attack from an unexpected and deadly alliance.

This episode alone establishes a high stakes mission and several complex character quirks and motivations. There’s Keyleth’s guilt over potentially angering these dragons for killing Brimscythe, Grog’s attachment to a weapon emanating dark forces, and Scanlan’s reluctance to engage in further heroic activity.

Not only that; we know from season 1 that Vex and Vax have personal ties to dragons, their mother having been killed by one. Whether or not they’ll find the culprit in one of these ancient dragons, it looks like this new threat is going to cut deep and resurface harsh memories.

There’s a lot to explore–hopefully through more stunning animation, thrilling fight sequences, and explosive character dynamics.

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