The Legend of Vox Machina – Episode 9 “The Tide of Bone” Recap & Review

The Tide of Bone

Episode 9 of The Legend of Vox Machina begins with a flashback of Sylas Briarwood lying sick in bed.  A doctor claims there is nothing to be done for him, but Delilah doesn’t accept it.

She finds a book that glows with purple energy and gasps when she discovers a particular spell in it. Using some of her own blood, she performs the ritual over her husband. His colour improves, and he wakes.

She hugs him, but the mirror shows her embracing the air. Neither can she feel his heart beating.

In the present day, the Briarwoods kiss. Delilah tells Sylas to trust The Whispered One and to stay in the manor, where he is safe.

Vox Machina holes up in a safe house with Archie and others to hide from the undead. Several become discouraged about the state of Whitestone. Cassandra and Archie try to convince Percy to take leadership; only he can bolster their spirits. But he refuses.

The undead then burst into the room, and one bites Scanlan’s arm. Necrosis sets in, which is beyond Keyleth’s healing capabilities. He’ll lose his arm within the hour.

They run, but now zombies, giants, and Vedmire are all after them. In the midst of the fight, Archie again tries to persuade Percy to lead the Resistance. Soon after, Vedmire kills Archie with his blade.

Cassandra implores Percy to inspire the people to fight. So in the wake of his friend’s death, as Keyleth staves off the undead, he gives a rousing speech.

Everyone fights with new vigor, but they say platitudes as if this will be their last fight together. Vax tells Keyleth he loves her, to which she responds that this is definitely not the appropriate time.

Just as they would surrender, a glowing yellow light appears and pulses outward, taking care of several undead creatures.

It’s Pike. Although she’s just an astral projection (her body is still at the temple) she steps forward to heal Scanlan’s arm and joins in the fight–with the Everlight on her side.

The Everlight blesses everyone’s weapons, renewing them for more battle. Percy and the people of Whitestone take revenge on Vedmire for Archie.

The Briarwoods are watching all of this from afar. Sylas wants to go to the frontline, but Delilah says he is too valuable. Vox Machina has left her no choice. She must accelerate her plans.

Yennen and her people take over the fight so Vox Machina can make their way to the Briarwoods through some secret tunnels.

On the way, one of the Briarwoods’ prisoners calls out to them. She claims she can help them if they release her. As Vax would free her, Percy levels his gun at the prisoner, his mask on. Just before the episode ends, Keyleth yells, “Percy, wait!”

The Episode Review

This episode was pretty much one long, expertly-executed fight/chase scene with a grand arc that explores Percy’s path to leadership.

It strikes me over and over again how excellent this show is at maintaining a skillful balance between its solemnity, humour, action, romance, relationships, etc. It comes together in one package, and nothing comes across as heavy-handed.

I’m immensely enjoying the series, so much so that I’m disappointed we’re coming to the end of the season. Next week will see the last three instalments of The Legend of Vox Machina Season 1.

What did you think of that cliffhanger? I believe that prisoner must be Anna Ripley. But what can she say to convince Percy not to shoot?

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