The Legend of Vox Machina – Episode 5 “Fate’s Journey” Recap & Review

Fate’s Journey

Episode 5 of The Legend of Vox Machina begins with Vex, Vax, and Keyleth attempting to steal vampire-hunting supplies from Gilmore’s shop after hours.

The proprietor catches them mid-theft; and luckily, he’s fond of them. They’re able to purchase supplies from Gilmore, including a vial of holy water.

The rest of the party manages to steal a carriage, and they head off for Whitestone. On the way, Scanlan tries to decipher Delilah’s handwriting in her book. But the only word he can make out is “ziggurat.”

Keyleth says she studied about ziggurats in preparation for her Aramente. They are ancient structures used for contacting gods.

Vex, meanwhile, notices that something is tracking them. Suddenly, mutant, wolf-like creatures surround them. One of them captures Scanlan, who holds the book.

Vox Machina chases after them to try and save Scanlan. When the beast jumps off a cliff with the gnome, Vex shoots an arrow towards him, with a rope attached. The party jumps off the carriage just before it crashes off the cliff.

They have lost all of their supplies. And they think they have lost Scanlan too. However, just as they begin to mourn his loss, he rises up on his purple Bigby’s Hand. But he doesn’t have the book. They instead see it in the mouth of one of the wolf creatures as it runs towards Whitestone to bring it to its master.

Back at Whitestone, Delilah Briarwood consults Professor Anders about an upcoming ritual. Just then, a group of peasants arrives. The Briarwoods supposedly chose them for “a special event.”

While her friends are adventuring, Pike approaches a temple on her own. She explains to a cleric that a dark mage cracked her holy symbol. She believes she is now cursed. The cleric assures her that, whatever happened, the Everlight accepts her as she is.

Vox Machina sets up camp, meanwhile. Keyleth tells Vax about her home and how she is supposed to be a leader someday. She becomes discouraged by some of Vex’s earlier words. Vax tells her not to listen to his sister. He believes that she will make a great leader.

Vex notices their exchange from afar and doesn’t seem to like it. She tells her brother not to get distracted by “pretty things.” Vax assures her there is nothing to worry about.

When asked, Percy describes Whitestone to everyone. It’s a beautiful, lush land. At its centre is the Sun Tree–a great tree that stood as a symbol of the de Rolos’ ties to the city.

When they arrive, the city is nothing like Percy described. Whitestone is practically a wasteland. Percy wants to find the holy woman of the town. If she is still there, they can trust her. But something stops him in his tracks.

The episode ends by panning up to the Sun Tree. Hanging from it are the bodies of the peasants who attended the Briarwoods’ “special event”: all of them dead and dressed to look like the members of Vox Machina.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 moves slowly, seeing Vox Machina through their preparations for their journey to Whitestone.

My favourite part of this instalment was all the sweet interactions between Vax and Keyleth. It’s been obvious since episode 1 that there’s a romance brewing between the two (at least on Vax’s end), but Vex’s perspective certainly complicates things. The dynamic between the three of them–Vex, Vax, and Keyleth–is an interesting one, and I’m excited to see how it plays out.

Although not much happens in this episode, it does set the stage for a wicked ritual in the most bloodcurdling way. Whatever the Briarwoods’ plans, they must require the book. I’m guessing a ziggurat located in Whitestone is involved–but what god does Delilah need to contact, and why?

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