The Legend of Vox Machina – Episode 3 “The Feast of Realms” Recap & Review

The Feast of Realms

Episode 3 of The Legend of Vox Machina begins with the image of a young Percival surrounded by his family. Suddenly, his entire family is slain before him by unseen figures. Just as we catch sight of a shadowy presence, Percy wakes up.

Everyone soon awakens in their spiffy new manor. Lady Allura arrives to remind them of tonight’s dinner with the foreign dignitaries. The lady is less than impressed with their manners, but Percy promises to teach them the proper decorum for nobles.

But Percy may just be the one to ruin their polite façade. Surprising everyone with their arrival are the dignitaries from Whitestone: Lady Delilah and Lord Sylas Briarwood, who have never left their city before.

Percy can barely maintain his composure. These are the people who killed his entire family. When Vox Machina finds out, they send Vax upstairs to sneak into the Briarwoods’ room.

During the dinner, Uriel mentions dark rumours about Whitestone to the Briarwoods. He implies that he may need to send troops to check on their city. They deny the rumours. Sylas’ eyes flash as he lays a hand on Uriel. He tells the sovereign not to worry, and Uriel suddenly agrees that Whitestone’s independence shouldn’t be challenged.

Delilah notices Percy’s presence and decides to mess with him. She mentions his family, the de Rolos, and how they abdicated their power and abandoned Whitestone to rot.

Percy stands, accusing her of lying. His friends apologize, and the Briarwoods excuse themselves from the table

Meanwhile, Vax finds a book in the Briarwoods’ room that mentions “The Whispered One.” But Sylas and Delilah catch him.

Scanlan distracts the dinner party with a song so the rest of the group can go up and help Vax. When Sylas bites Vax and throws him out of a window, the fight is transferred outside.

The Briarwoods are able to escape in their carriage, but they leave behind their driver, Desmond. Percy takes out his gun and shoots the man. He puts on a beaked, black mask and, in a savage tone, tells Desmond his life is forfeit.

Just as he is about to shoot again, Uriel bursts out and commands his guards to arrest Vox Machina.

The Episode Review

This episode thickens the plot with intrigue (not to mention a criminal cliffhanger) while delivering a fascinating snippet of Percy’s past. Underneath his callous refinement, there’s a darkness to him, one that even Vox Machina has not been privy to before.

I’m looking forward to discovering just how deeply the Briarwoods’ villainy ties into Tal’Dorei, how they connect to this “Whispered One,” and how Percy and the gang will handle that threat. The gunslinger may just crumble under the pressure.

I thought before that Legend might have too many characters to keep track of, but if the series takes some time to explore compelling aspects of each protagonist–such as with Percy in this episode–I don’t think the large cast will be too much to handle.

So far, I’m adoring every character, even the ones who haven’t had much screen time. Who is your favourite member of the Vox Machina party?

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