The Legend of Vox Machina – Episode 2 “The Terror of Tal’Dorei – Part 2” Recap & Review

The Terror of Tal’Dorei – Part 2

Episode 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina begins with General Krieg giving his army a rousing speech as they prepare to battle the mysterious beast.

The creature appears in the unexpected form of a blue dragon. It demolishes their forces in several gory displays of power.

Vox Machina returns to the council and announces their discovery: The creature is a blue dragon! Of course, the council has already gleaned this information via General Krieg.

Sovereign Uriel resolves that they fight the dragon head on, despite Lady Kima’s objections. Again, Vex experiences an off-putting sensation that seems to be coming from Sir Gregory Fince.

After this meeting, Vex suggests they find Fince and try to find out what he is up to, if anything. Meanwhile, Pike and Vax visit Gilmore’s Glorious Goods, a famed magic shop in the area.

While they can’t afford any weapons, they do manage to persuade Gilmore to give them some advice. The Wyrm, Gilmore says, can only be defeated in a gorge where two rivers meet.

They rejoin their friends, and are able to track Sir Fince to General Krieg’s manor. Suspecting Fince is going to try to assassinate the general, they break in.

They catch Fince stealing documents. Just as Fince is about to confess to them that these papers would prove General Krieg’s involvement in the recent crises, he is stabbed from behind.

Fince falls forward to reveal Krieg standing behind him. Vex’s senses overwhelm her–not because of Fince; the feeling is coming from Krieg. 

Krieg flees, and they follow him into a portal that transports them to the dragon’s lair in the mountains–some place far from Emon.

The general reveals his plan for the dragons to rule the entire world. Wiping out Uriel’s army was all part of the plan. Krieg himself then transforms into his dragon form, known as Brimscythe, the Iron Storm.

Vox Machina just barely scrapes by in this fight. However, by a well-placed illusion and a stunning display of teamwork, they slay Brimscythe. When the lair begins caving in around them, they must flee back through the portal without taking any of the dragon’s loot.

Back at the palace, Uriel rewards the mercenaries by making them protectors of the realm and honorary members of the Council of Tal’Dorei. To the chagrin of many in the group, he does not gift them with gold. But they do receive a deed to a manor so that the council can keep their protectors close by.

Vox Machina’s involvement with the council does not end here. Uriel informs them that dignitaries are on their way to Emon in order to discuss the security of the realm. Vox Machina is of course invited to the banquet!

The episode ends by cutting to a scene that highlights the Lord and Lady Briarwoods. On their way to the banquet, bandits overtake their carriage. Lord Briarwood, however, bites one of them and overpowers the rest. Ominous music overlays the scene as the carriage approaches Emon.

The Episode Review

Vox Machina may have accomplished a great task this episode, but their adventure has only just begun. With the arrival of the Briarwoods, the show throws out just enough intriguing details to hook us in preparation for the next storyline.

While the writing conveys a sense of dissonance within the party, this episode was still able to relate the stunning image Vox Machina presents when they work as a united front. We’re able to see the intricate ways this group works together, and that’s an absurdly fantastic ride to be on.

The voice acting continues to be excellent, and David Tennant excels at bringing Krieg’s character to life. In the next episode, Matthew Mercer and Grey DeLisle will naturally step into the roles of Sylas and Delilah Briarwood.

What significance do the Briarwoods hold for the story? Lord Briarwood looks to be a vampire. And it doesn’t look as if he and his wife are simply dropping by Emon to say hello…

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