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A New Court Case

Episode 9 of Law School picks up off the back of last week’s big cliffhanger, with Ye-Seul pushing her boyfriend over and Yang grabbing her phone. He calls for two ambulances, as Ye-Seul faints.

Inevitably, Yeong-Chang’s fall brings Assemblyman Ko into the office as he looks set to strike Ye-Seul in the face. Joon-Hwi stops this from happening though, as police officers arrive and prepare to take her in for questioning.

Yang stops the Assemblyman from going further, reminding him that Ye-Seul was actually trying to help him by stopping the sex video from spreading.

Back at the dorms, Sol-A makes sure to snap photos of Ye-Seul’s room just incase it needs to be used as evidence.

Meanwhile, Eun-Suk is brought in to hospital after collapsing. She’s okay and thankfully so is the baby. However, she begins working on her laptop until the blue screen of death appears. The error message comes up with a handy website: (it’s not a real site thankfully)

Anyway, Seong-Jae is there and he manages to fix up her computer. Although the allure of cheating is too much for him and he decides to take a peek at the midterm results.

Well, this all leads to the exams as our characters sit and take their test. Seung-Jae however, sits in quiet contemplation. Well, the cheating allegations against Seung-Jae is something that Eun-Suk senses too, and she speaks to Yang about her suspicions. It seems this is why he got perfect scores on everything previously. Tellingly, his recent exam is completely blank.

Seung-Jae is the wildcard here though and despite his cheating, he actually could be used as Yang’s smoking gun. He can prove Yang’s alibi and that he was in his office the day of the death. Eun-Suk gives him encouraging words of advice, telling Seung-Jae she hopes this won’t make him give up.

The fourth day of Yang’s trial then begins, with Prosecutor Jin poking holes in the validity of the different statements on Yang’s side. The flight to Boston and the one-way plane ticket is also called into question.

At first glance, it certainly looks like he was trying to run away. That is, until Yang admits that he was doing this to find Kang Dan. Given Sol-B is also in the courthouse, Jin challenges him and suggests he call her to the witness stand. He wont do it though.

Things don’t look good for Yang, especially when he reveals he was sent the video of the hit and run incident earlier in the day. He didn’t show up at the mock trial because he was shocked, but did confront Seo about this.

According to this new statement, it seems Seo was in shock after Yanfg’s confrontation and sat on the stairs, putting drugs in his iced coffee. Yang then spoke to him as Seo sighed and claimed he couldn’t do this anymore.

Back in the courtroom, more drama unfolds. Seo’s glucose levels are displayed for the court, showing that Seo definitely didn’t have an hypoglycemic episode. Given the sugar level readings, that’s impossible. This means Yang’s statement about helping Seo in his office may actually be a lie.

At the hospital, Yeong-Chan is in a neck brace and clearly isn’t happy to see Ye-Seul. In fact, he tells her to go away. This brings her out into the courtyard where Seung-Jae happens to be. Ye-Seul admits she doesn’t think she’ll show up at school again after this incident.

Meanwhile, court is adjourned for the day as everything seems to hinder on Sol-B stepping up as a witness to destroy the prosecution’s argument. Back home, Man-Ho confronts Sol-A out in the street after Byeol scarpers when she sees him.

It turns out Joon-Hwi has installed CCTV outside their house so thankfully it seems she’s safe for now. That doesn’t stop Man-Ho from antagonizing her though, mentioning Kang Dan’s call.

Back at the hospital, Assemblyman Ko decides to use everything in his power to severely punish Ye-Seul for attempted murder. That’s not the case of course, but he’s intent on pursuing this with everything he’s got. When he finds out that Ye-Seul has been examined for sexual abuse, it only riles him up further. Yang refuses to budge though, unwilling to apologize for what’s happened.

Well, all the students decide to rally around Ye-Seul and try to help find Ye-Seul innocent. They settle on a self-defence case, with all of Assemblyman Ko’s bigwig businessmen sitting in court. On the other side though are Yang’s students. And just like that, Yang shows up to act as Ye-Seul’s prosecutor. He requests a jury trial, leaving the door wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up.

The Episode Review

There are a lot of really good dramas airing at the moment. Sadly, Law School is not one of them. Despite some initial intrigue, there’s just not enough of a hook to this Seo murder to justify the length of time it’s taken to actually get any answers. And even now – 9 episodes in – we’re still no closer to finding out the truth.

The scriptwriters seem to know that too and the end of last week’s episode now adds a second trial into the fold, with Ye-Seul going up against Yeong-Chan. I mean, the parking lot would presumably have CCTV right? It should just be a simple case of actually using that, alongside a medical examination, to show what happened.

And then we get this weird Kang Dan/Man-Ho situation which is left half-baked at best. Is Man-Ho really a predator? Is he not? The drama doesn’t make it very clear and the tone of these segments completely jars against the more melodramatic elements inherent with this one. At least the camera work has settled down a little though.

It seems Law School has settled into a more indifferent humdrum, with this week’s episode essentially setting the foundations for another sub-plot bleeding into the middle of all this.

Either way, Law School ends with a big cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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