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Law Castle

Episode 6 of Law School begins with Sol-A ringing her sister and making sure she still has the spray on her. Unfortunately, Man-Ho shows up when little Byeol hangs up. Thankfully he sprays the predator in the face as this disgustingly creepy subplot continues on. However, the girl drops her phone on the floor.

Sol-A is eventually called into the police station for defamation, claiming it’s against the law to share photos of Man-Ho. Despite Byeol sharing it in a group chat, the officer confirms this is against the law. When Man-Ho shows up, he tells Sol-A that her sister is cute. Sol-A is seething with anger but manages to hold it together for now.

Sol-A and Joon-Hwi head home where they find Kang Byeol waiting around outside. Sol-A helps her sister inside and begins putting newspaper up in the window to obscure the view inside the house. This does the trick for now, as Sol-A stays awake to watch over her sister.

In the middle of the night, a dog outside begins barking. When Sol-A heads out, she finds Joon-Hwi there. He happens to be hanging around to make sure the family are okay. In that time, he even figures out where he knows Sol-A from too, matching her up to the girl from the bookstore. Woops!

Meanwhile, in Seo’s office Kang admits to killing the Professor. Ignoring a call from Sol-B, Yang listens as Kang claims he stole the laptop and did all of this to frame the prosecutor. He slipped the drug into Seo’s coffee. However, Yang questions the validity of his statement given the obvious flaws in logic.

Yang eventually drives the man home, unwilling to accept his confession in this drunken state.

At school the next day, Sol-B is driven in like normal by her Mother. At the same time, Ye-Seul gets into a fight with her her boyfriend. Joon-Hwi and Sol-A show up to make sure she’s okay. He seems pretty shady in truth, and they watch as he exerts his authority. Eventually they speed off together.

Could Ye-Seul’s face mask from before be indicative of him hitting her? Something is definitely off with their relationship though.

Meanwhile, Yang stays up all night with his puzzle, using it as a way of piecing together the statements and clues he’s obtained thus far. Sol-B eventually shows up to speak in his office though.

She confirms that Kang is her father. She kept it secret because of her classes and didn’t want to be seen as receiving special treatment. When Eun-Suk shows up, she exhibits the same concerns about this ongoing plagiarism case. Yang directs his thoughts outwards though as he wonders whether this is enough for the family to kill for Sol-B.

With this playing on his mind, Yang sits before Kang again. With him sober this time, Yang questions whether he can actually get any evidence to back up his statement. He cannot, as it turns out, and Yang simply tells him to attend his trial the following day. Just before he leaves, he asks Kang how he managed to obtain the password to his laptop. Chuckling nervously, Kang tells him he got specialized help.

Speaking of which, one of the students, Seung-Jae., is confirmed to be the one responsible for dropping off Sol-B’s laptop at the office. She watches the CCTV footage and sees this outright, noticing a similar ring on his hand.

Back home, Kang and his wife come to blows as Kang admits that their daughter doesn’t deserve this. He implores her to see a doctor and get help, but she refuses to do so.

We then jump forward to Professor Yang Jong-Hoon’s first trial. Yang immediately pleads not guilty. Just as the prosecution begin, Yang brandishes his laptop. Sol-B tries to ring her father but it’s no good. He steps up as the first witness and prepares to he questioned.

It doesn’t take long before he admits that he lied originally. He confirms the sugar packet belonged to him. This essentially throws out all the questions the prosecution had for Yang and sees the court-room scrambling. Through all this commotion, Man-Ho also shows up with his creepy face mask again.

Park Geun-Tae then steps up for Yang and asks whether Kang killed Seo. He apologizes, which almost looks like an omission of guilt. As the crowd gasps, Sol-B’s voice floats up from Yang’s phone. It turns out he’s left it on speaker.

Sol-B suddenly bursts into court, imploring that he listen to Yang and not speak anymore. Now the secret is out about their family relation, leaving the court in a state of flux. Everyone begins to question Kang’s validity as a witness, but the judge allows them to keep the questioning going despite this.

With court adjourned for the day, Prosecutor Lee Han-Ju is assigned to case 2020-HJ1244. As Yang checks his messages with this, Kang leaves court to a barrage of reporters asking why he lied.

The kids surround Sol-B too and question why she kept this from them. She pushes past the kids and hurries away.

Meanwhile, Sol-A reflects on her moments with Man-Ho after court. Apparently he wants to use her sister to find someone called Kang Dan. Joon-Hwi hands over a book called Leet, where Sol-A notices a letter tucked inside from Kang Dan herself. This is directed toward Prosecutor Yang.

Sol-A hurries to his office and hands over the file. Just as she does, Yang answers a call from a mystery number. It’s Kang Dan!

The Episode Review

So far Law School has continued to deliver its character drama in a pretty good way alongside its law jargon and plagiarism issues. In a way, this show feels like it’s striving to hit those Sky Castle vibes. That’s unsurprising, especially when you listen to the OST!

Not only that, the Kang family in particular echo the class and familial issues in Sky Castle, while the editing leans into Love ft. Marriage and Divorce territory. The result is a somewhat turbulent drama, one that hasn’t quite found its footing yet. That’s a little disconcerting when we’re 6 episodes in.

Next to other law and crime dramas that have recently released – Vincenzo and Beyond Evil as two obvious examples – this one pales by comparison.

It also doesn’t help that we’ve got this creepy Man-Ho subplot thrown in the middle of these differing vibes of comedy and serious melodrama. The horror this gives off feels tonally discordant with the other parts of this drama.

The ending does hint that we’re about to bridge the gap between these two states though, as the truth about Kang Dan and how she ties into all of this appears to be coming up. Roll on next week!

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2 thoughts on “Law School – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review”

  1. I’ve read all 6 episode of your Law School reviews, and as screenwriting minor, (accounting major for plan B reasons), I have to agree with everything you’ve stated AND thank you for the 1st episode review. First and foremost, I had to read people’s reviews for the 1st episode because the camera was so jarring I got nauseous watching. So, I missed the exposition of Prof Yang coming onto the crime scene and surveying it. After watching the 6 episodes, there’s quite a few holes or things overlooked for me.

    If Seo was a meth addict, was that ever confirmed? Was the coffee delivery guy, who kept his helmet on, a drug dealer? Why is that not a big deal? Finding him would solidify if he abused meth or he actually was killed by accidental or purposeful overdose, wouldn’t it? But in the developing the layers of suspects and motives behind the students and other staff members things start to get choppy along with the stylish editing.

    I realize police and Yang (I believe) ruled out suicide given the fact he had future plans but why doesn’t the fact that Joon Hwi’s condemnation of his Uncle and threat to turn himself in could have lead to a suicide THAT DAY, despite his future plans. In saving some characters from being suspects…they’re building Seo as an unsavory man that at the end of the day…may have just committed suicide. No one killed him at all.

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