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A Twist In The Tale

Episode 2 of Law School begins with Sol A being interviewed by Yang. This is right off the back of her beating down another student in our past timeline. The Chief prosecutor wants her in juvie but Yang arguers against that, deciding to pursue this himself.

We then cut back to where we left off last episode. Yang is surrounded by reporters and taken away. Despite this, the rest of the kids are still interviewed over their potential involvement in the case. For now, they remain tight-lipped.

Back in the station, Prosecutor Dong-Su questions Yang over the evidence mounted against him. It turns out Yang allegedly lost his laptop right after the incident too, which certainly looks suspicious. Adding to that is a one way trip to Boston on that very same night.

With Dong-Il missing as well, Dong-Su questions whether he killed him as well. For now Yang remains tight-lipped. In fact, he even goes so far as to remain uncooperative with the officer, telling him he won’t divulge anything – and certainly won’t unlock his phone for them either.

Back at school, Sol-A is not happy about the mock trial continuing in the wake of Yang being arrested. The rest of the class though aren’t that bothered, believing he’ll be released shortly on the grounds of “innocent until proven guilty”. Given the amount of evidence mounted against Yang though, this seems unlikely. In another move that seems to be conceding defeat, Yang refuses o assign a lawyer and settles for a public defender instead.

With a warrant in play, Yang’s lawyer shows up just in time to see this, telling Yang he has no choice but to open his phone. Within this, the officers see videos from 2008’s hit and run. As they look up in shock, they ask him if this is the car he saw beforehand.

Now we jump back to 2008, where Yang and Seo grill Man-Ho and ask him about the car. Well, this license plate seems to match Seo’s, which the officers in our present day timeline now come to realize.

During visiting hours, Eun-Suk shows up and speaks to Yang, telling him she’s unhappy that he got a public defendant and asking just what he’s playing at. He’s stubborn though, and eventually leaves after a brief chat with his colleague. When he does, the students at school prepare to fill out their midterm exams.

Just as they’re about to start, we jump back in time to March 2020. Eun-Suk begins her class on defamation and how much of a headache it is within the realm of law. With a petition outside on the walls, Joon-Hwi is approached by Dean Oh and Kang Ju-Man who demand he take it down. When he refuses the school claim they’re going to take legal action against him.

Within this petition are claims that Seo was hired based on a donation rather than his teaching credentials. Although he apologizes, Joon-Hwi does set out to see whether Dean Oh is actually out to get him or not. In class, the kids conduct a mock trial over the defamation and issues surrounding Seo and Yang. Sol-A becomes flustered though and this causes Oh to drop the case.

As we soon see, this defamation forms the crux of the exam papers these kids are filling out in October 2020. Joon-Hwi however, struggles to hold back tears.

Back in the police station, the officers try to rile up Yang, bringing in Man-Ho to talk to him. Well, Yang questions the offender about the hit and run back in 2008 – where Man-Ho writes down the exact same registration plate that Yang mentioned. Man-Ho believes Yang found out about this and killed Seo as an attempt to cover everything up. As the officers hear this from the opposite room, they believe they’ve found the correct motive.

After the exams are done, the papers are brought before Prosecutor Yang, who marks them behind bars. Dong-Il phones the lawyer though and he’s put on speaker phone, talking to Yang about the exam questions. Yang deliberates though when he finds the paper by Joon-Hwi; water smudges are visible from where his tears fell on the paper.

As we soon learn, Joon-Hwi happens to be Seo’s nephew, and he’s actually in line to get part of his inheritance. As he’s handed the forms by a family member, he’s told to fill them out quickly before she leaves for Korea.

In the morning, Lawyer Park shows up late to the police station, where Yang speaks to the officers in charge and shows them an envelope full of test papers. He continues to mark them, much to the officer’s annoyance.

While he does, we cut to the board at the law school, where Dean Oh is told to fire Yang immediately regardless of the court’s opinion. Oh is not happy with this, and reflects with Dong-Il over the incident back in March 2020. It turns out the whole mock court trial and issues were fabricated to try and rile up the students and get the best out of them. Sol-A’s flustered approached reminded her of herself too.

We then jump back to 30 minutes before Seo’s death, courtesy of shots with Yang walking through a mock reenactment of that fateful incident. Seo asked for a 30 minute recess thanks to a headache. Walking out the room, it would appear that he sat on the stairs and put meth in his own drink. This is where Yang comes into it.

Yang called out the prosecutor for his behaviour and told the man to turn himself in. Yang dropped the bag of meth down the sink, prompting Seo to go into shock. Yang added sugar to Seo’s coffee to try and wake him up. Now it seems likely Yang didn’t kill him.

As another reenacted segments bleeds through, Seo is shown being pushed down the stairs by Joon-Hwi.

The Episode Review

So it seems like Yang was actually trying to help his old friend who has a meth addiction. This explains the headaches and also his guilt that’s clearly been eating away at him since way back in 2008. Could Seo have been the one behind the hit and run? All evidence seems to point toward that now as the investigation continues to deepen.

It’s obvious all three timelines are lined together and it could well be the Man-Ho is integral to all this too. Was Joon-Hwi responsible for killing Seo? Or is there another missing puzzle piece here? We heard about a delivery driver last episode entering through that door and it could well be that that person is directly (or indirectly) involved here.

As we saw from the end of the first episode, there’s a tendency to elaborate or twist the correct version of a scene. This second episode could well be doing the same thing. Could it be that Joon-Hwi found Seo down on the floor and switched his glasses to try and make sure he wasn’t incriminating himself?

We’ll have to wait and see but for now this murder mystery gets off to a decent start. Roll on next week!

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