Lauren Sanderson – Death Of A Fantasy | Album Review

Track List

It Is Normal?
Tongue Tied
nothing lasts forever
Girl From The Internet
Let Me Down


Death Of A Fantasy is more than pop sensibilities merged with melancholy. This record, by singer/songwriter Lauren Sanderson, actually certifies a creative purpose and she doesn’t just place hollow lyrics into her poignant songs.

The album is catchy, with rousing moments littered across the board. Every song connects like a puzzle; a story of rebellious tendencies. And Sanderson doesn’t hold back or sit idle. She sings about the world, the people she loves crossing the divide and leaving her on her own.

Sanderson also uses different styles. Some songs are rap infused, and some deliver soft vocals. She’s diverse in her output, and certainly knows how to shake things up musically.

Death Of A Fantasy is Sanderson’s capsule of memories, good and bad. It serves as a collection sourced from a mind which isn’t entirely immaculate. Her brain is doing overtime, and the lyrical forays tell us that she’s unhinged.

‘Hi’ starts the record. Sincere moments are rare here, as Sanderson sings about love and its complications. The instrumentals are soft, and that acoustic chime channels through.

‘Don’t Watch The News’ is tear-soaked. The guitar sound doesn’t fully cut in but acts as a layer. And this song provides thought-provoking lyricism. It also demands attention.

‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ serves as an acoustic contribution. It’s a sombre push for redemption, and Sanderson sings while breaking down. All the while, her voice is absolutely pristine..

Lauren Sanderson is a major internet hit and a star. Her music resonates with the youth of today and this record will only raise her profile as a supreme talented musician.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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