Last Twilight Season 1 Review – A deeply meaningful story about adapting To new life after a tragedy

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The Thai BL Series, Last Twilight, follows the love story between Mhok and Day. During a national competition, Day realises he is slowly losing his eyesight after an accident. As Day becomes almost blind, his mother, a world-renowned chef, and Day’s older brother, Night, must hire a caretaker.

Mhok is an ex-convict who just finished his parole and is in desperate need of a job, but it is hard for him to get one based on his record as a convict and his bad temper.

One day, on a maintenance job at the building housing the blind association, he runs into applicants waiting to interview for a caretaker’s job and decides to try it. Realising that the job is to take care of Day, to whom Mhok refers as an “obnoxious, annoying, and entitled rich brat,” he turns down the offer. However, he later agrees to take the job to pay his debts. 

The characters in Last Twilight are well-balanced. Even though there are no tyrants, the characters are profoundly human and have a wide range of experiences, providing versatility in the drama.

At the start of the episode, Mhok is a hot-tempered and violent person with no drive in life, which lands him in jail. However, after starting his job as a caretaker, he develops patience, compassion, care, and assertiveness, standing up for a day even against his family when they insist on protecting him from the world. Similarly, Day develops some character from the entitled and obnoxious brat Mhok’s words when they first met.

Mhok and Day have a fantastic chemistry and camaraderie that is thrilling to watch. They must have undergone extensive training since they perfectly mirror the realistic situation of a blind person and his caretaker, drawing the viewers in through their prowess display of emotions. We know that Jimmy and Sea have a unique talent for delivering deeply emotional scenes, efficiently matching each other’s energy, and giving masterful performances in Last Twilight as Mhok and Day. 

The support characters in this episode have individual backstories, making them as significant to the storyline as the main characters. Day and Night’s mother, Ramon, is overly protective of Day and quite flawed in her parenting at the beginning of the series. She favours one son over the other but learns to loosen the reigns and love her sons equally as the series progresses.

Phojai, Mhok’s ex-girlfriend, is a true best friend who deeply cares for Mhok and constantly pushes him when things get too harsh. Her share of heartbreak makes her almost close her heart to love and accept the possibility of happiness. Gee is another good friend willing to call someone out for their mistakes, listen, and adapt according to what the friends need.

Last Twilight gives its female characters vital significance as much as the male counterparts, which is rarely the case in BL series, where women are usually portrayed as jealous ex-girlfriends whose primary role is to get between the male leads. 

Another significant character in the series is On, and he is Day’s blind friend and mentor in his journey of acceptance and adapting to the new life. He is optimistic, offering surprising insights into life not only for Day but also for the viewers. He is mesmerising on screen due to his sense of humour, independence, and desires in life, which he fulfils without letting his disability limit him. 

Overall, the series is a masterpiece that explores the challenge of suddenly losing sight and delves into the importance of acceptance, adjusting, and living a meaningful life regardless. It has a fantastic cast with incredible chemistry, and the writing meticulously delves into the premise of adapting after tragic situations and moving forward by giving oneself a second chance to find happiness.

However, the main flaw in the writing is the twist at the end. It dilutes the progress made through the episodes. However, this aside, Last Twilight is a solid watch and well worth checking out.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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