Last Seen Alive (2022) Movie Review – One of the worst thrillers in recent memory

One of the worst thrillers in recent memory

Actor Gerard Butler is not without talent but he has made some pretty bad career choices over the years. Geostorm, London Has Fallen, and The Bounty Hunter rank as some of his worst, but many more bad-to-middling efforts could be mentioned here. But in terms of quality, none are as awful as Last Seen Alive, a thriller with fewer thrills than a visit to your local Post Office.

Last Seen Alive is a poorly made, poorly scripted effort that has to rank as Butler’s worst-ever movie and considering he once starred in the infamously bad ‘comedy’ Movie 43, that really is saying something.

The premise of Last Seen Alive isn’t a bad one, however, although it is a little familiar. It details the story of Will Spann whose wife Lisa (Jamie Alexander) mysteriously disappears at a gas station. Where did she go? Well, that would be telling, although there isn’t much of a mystery behind her vanishing as this movie is as generic as they come.

After running around in a desperate effort to find his wife, Will calls the police. Frustrated at their lack of action, he then gets caught up in the criminal underbelly of the nearby town when he decides to take the law into his own hands. After implementing his own special brand of vigilante justice, the truth behind his wife’s disappearance comes to light. Is she dead? Is she alive? Did Jamie Alexander depart the movie early in search of a better script?

Tune in if you want to find out but your time will be much better served watching a superior ‘missing persons movie,’ such as Breakdown, Frantic, or Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners. These are all excellent examples of the genre with stories you can become invested in, unlike Last Seen Alive which has nothing to recommend it.

There is no suspense in this one and despite the potential for some interesting twists and turns, there is absolutely nothing here that will surprise or shock you. The biggest mystery of all is why Butler and his co-stars agreed to star in this mess as nobody is well-served by the diabolically bad screenplay that features some of the worst dialogue in a movie I have heard in a long time.

The direction is bad too, which is something of a surprise as Brian Goodman, who made this misfire, also directed 2008’s What Doesn’t Kill You, a critically acclaimed crime drama that starred Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo.

Admittedly, he didn’t have a good script to work from this time around but that doesn’t excuse his workmanlike direction and his failed attempts to ratchet up any tension. He wastes the talents of good actors as he does nothing to extract decent performances from any of them. It’s almost as if he realised he had a clunker on his hands and decided to coast by without putting in any real effort.

The movie could have been salvaged with a few solid action scenes to break up the mediocrity of the cliched script. Unfortunately, Goodman favours flashbacks to Will’s troubled marriage to anything that could reasonably be considered exciting. This is a pity, as not only are these moments as unconvincingly played as the rest of the scenes in this dumb movie, but they are largely pointless too.

They prolong the film’s running time rather than add anything of narrative value and if you’re desperately waiting for the end credits to roll, you might feel a deep sense of frustration every time there is a break in the plot to make room for the scenes of Will and Lisa’s crumbling relationship.

Ultimately, this is less about Lisa’s disappearance and more about the disappearance of plot logic, originality, and creativity. It has a lot in common with the recent run of B-movies that Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis have starred in with its cheap feel and lacklustre storytelling, and as such, deserves to be thrown away and never to be seen again. Even if you lower your expectations when going into this one, you are going to be disappointed.

I desperately tried to find something to like about this movie, in a vain attempt to say something positive to balance out my negativity. Unfortunately, I came up short as this is one of the worst films I have seen in recent memory and as such, I cannot recommend it, even if you’re a fan of the leading actor.

As the people behind Last Seen Alive didn’t make a lot of effort when putting it together, you shouldn’t put any effort into watching it as there are far better movies out there that are more deserving of your time.


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  • - 1.5/10

24 thoughts on “Last Seen Alive (2022) Movie Review – One of the worst thrillers in recent memory”

  1. This is a fantastic thrill ride. My heart was racing the whole time. Gerard Butler deserves an award for his acting; totally believable, utter high emotion, yet somehow contained, because he has to stay on mission, but just what I imagine a real person would be going through in that situation. You can feel his angst. People that can’t appreciate this movie may be spoiled by big budget blockbusters and incredible special effects, but this is more like true life. Basic sets like scenes you see in real life. Real characters. Other comments here are mistaking real-people characters, low-key and basic folks, for bad acting. One of my favorite movies in a long time. I salute Gerard for choosing this quality role and making it real. He’s an actor, after all, not a Prima Donna. The only holes I can cite have to do with the use, or lack thereof, of the cell phones (including pinging her cell phone to find its last location); how detective doesn’t ask more when the skank says he “dug the hole” (as in, “But was she alive? Did you see her body?”). And, given that she could have been buried alive, and all the action takes place in a single day, the detective should have been racing to get to the hole and see if she was still alive. How the parents attack Gerard when he first reports the trouble (not plausible—time for family squabbles later); And how Gerard certainly would have searched the WHOLE property to find his wife, not just sit down and rest, with there still being at least one building he hadn’t even tried. And it was a little implausible, as others have opined, just how much the detective interrogates Gerard Butler. I know these days spouses make good suspects but they have to find the missing person first, or try, and open an investigation. Not believable to interrogate the husband when he first comes to the station reporting the disappearance, and he is not even seemingly looking for the wife (although it is implied that he has initiated an APB). Very good movie.

  2. This is terrible. Nothing that happens in it makes any sense. I lost interest not quite half way through it and looked up the plot line on the internet and I’m glad I did. I didn’t even finish watching it!

  3. I loved it. Kept my on the edge of my seat. Some plot inanities, but bozos what about suspending disbelief. It’s a movie and it’s meant to entertain and it did.

  4. Worst movie ever. Acting sucks. Writing sucks. Plot sucks. Makes no sense whatsoever. No action to speak of. No surprises. This critic is spot on. The positive reviews have to be from production company because no one could possibly think this was good. It’s that bad. Frustratingly bad. Horribly bad. So sad how bad it is. Don’t. Waste. Your. Time. Seriously.

  5. I enjoyed the movie and actually read this review first. Will agree the police screwed the pooch on the investigation but I think that was just to keep them out of the way and let Gerard do what he does best. I wonder how many of you would have stayed out like the cops sad and let your wife die? Probably a lot of you these days. Good movie. Watch it!

  6. The only outcome that could have saved this move would have been that Butler staged the kidnapping to be able to find her and win her back. At least that could have been half original. Short that, it was a semi random act with no real throughput to piece it together

  7. I have NEVER listened to what the movie critics say and I read too many that regurgitated the same in the comments, for some reason itnmakes them feel ____(fill in the blank). Thank goodness there are some honest folks out there.. I come from a long line of movie lovers in my family, I am 63, and I like all kinds of genres, especially thrillers. To me this wasn’t what I would consider a thriller per say, but it was GOOD!! Oh, it’s nothing like the Taken!! Except being kidnapped… and a husband looking for his wife!!

    Enjoy it!!!

  8. This wasn’t a great movie, but I enjoyed it. Gerard Butler was fun as hell to watch. There was a time when critics were good, but the guy that did this review is an idiot. Movies suck now, almost without exception, and the only thing worse is the losers with blogs and websites telling us what is good and what isn’t. I’d say they’re irrelevant, but they sadly aren’t. I’m sure most other “critics” will have the same opinion as this nitwit does. I liked Prisoners more too. But I think people want movies that aren’t preaching to them, and this one isn’t – for once.

  9. the reviews here are the best part of this movie..Sandra’s comment literally had me laughing on the floor, so funny..that movie was hands down one of the top 5 worst movie i’ve ever sorry i just wasted 1.5d hours..but on a serious note..everyone here saying this movie was good has me shook and fearful for humanity and good taste..😵

  10. Absolute inane drivel. Plot devised by someone with room temperature IQ. Acting was embarrassing. Train wreck from start to finish.

  11. Really sad the “critics” especially the idiot who wrote this piece are soooo out of touch with actual viewers; so much so, google DISABLED user reviews which I would venture (based on the positive to this shit post) would be in the 90s. It was an amazing movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

  12. This was the worst. The plot had potential it just completely missed. Legitimately one of the worst movies I have ever seen. There was no logic in this film. The script was terrible. To call this a B-rated movie would be an insult to actual B-rated films. I would not recommend that anyone waste their time with this dog shit. Also for the people who liked this, you have to be stupid. Only someone that had below average IQ would find this predictable GARBAGE would find this entertaining.

  13. Stinker. Only likeable character was Butler. He shoulda dropped his wife at her parents and run away forever. All 3 were a horror. Acting sucked. Direction sucked. Music sucked. Totally unbelievable. . Did I mention it sucked?

  14. I really enjoyed this movie! Gerard never stopped until he found his wife! NO matter how many times the cops told him not to move, he NEVER STOPPED SEARCHING!!! This movie keeps you interested. 👍👍👍👍👍

  15. Zero stars. Watched up to police interrogation which was ridiculous. They have the cctv, from the guy who said it was broken, showing who she left with and interrogate the husband instead, probably based on call from the stipud father. At this point I turned it off and checked reviews. I am right it’s an awful movie.

  16. Agreeing with the 6 positive reviews (out of 7) above, I did initially think though that the largest truck trailer at the gas station could’ve been human traficking.

  17. Really bloody awful film. Forced absolutely horrific acting from Lisa’s parents in particular. Definitely don’t waste your time.

    The actions taken by law enforcement, from someone with only vague knowledge watching documentaries is totally unbelievable.

    Such a shame butler didn’t have better taste than to be involved in this.

  18. Speak for yourself dude I don’t think you and I watched the same movie. I really liked it. Definitely makes my top 10. I recommend this to everyone

  19. Karl displaying hypocrisy and a spectacular lack of self awareness there.

    The movie is utter shit.

  20. It is a really good movie, I hate this critics thinking that they have the power of the opinion of every person in the world, probably if he was doing weird think whit weird songs they will said omg is the best movie, they always like the most weird and bizarre movies.

    This is a good movie, is worth it to watch. Don’t read this nonsense of this “specialist “ is just shtttt

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