‘Last Seen Alive’ Ending Explained: Why did Lisa get taken?

Last Seen Alive Plot Synopsis

In Last Seen Alive, Gerard Butler stars as Will, a man whose wife disappears at a gas station after he pulls in to fuel up his car. After frantically searching for her, he eventually decides to take the law into his own hands when the police prove to be ineffective.

But where did his wife go? And why was she taken? The answer to this one is fairly straightforward but let’s take a closer look at the movie and its ending.

When does Lisa go missing?

The marriage of Will and Lisa isn’t a happy one. He has been emotionally absent from the relationship for quite a while, partly as a consequence of the affair Lisa had several months previously.

Their relationship isn’t over yet, however, although Lisa wants to stay at her parent’s house to get some perspective on their marriage.

On their way to her parent’s home, they pull over at a gas station. After popping into a shop to buy a bottle of water, Lisa is then seen talking to somebody outside. Unfortunately, a truck pulls up and obscures Lisa and this other person. When the truck drives away, Lisa has gone.

After realising his wife has vanished, Will frantically starts to look for her. He speaks to Oscar the shopkeeper and asks if he has seen his wife after passing over her description. Oscar claims he hasn’t seen her, which is slightly odd, as he had previously served Lisa in the shop.

What does Will do next?

As his wife has mysteriously disappeared, Will decides to call the police. Detective Paterson arrives on the scene, takes a few details from Will and asks him to remain where he is while he begins the investigation.

As Lisa is nowhere to be seen at the gas station, Will decides to go against the detective’s orders. Instead of staying put, he visits Lisa’s parents instead. They aren’t pleased to see him turn up without their daughter in tow and are understandably alarmed. They are mistrusting of him too, as are the police, who suspect Will may have something to do with Lisa’s disappearance.

When Will realises his wife isn’t at her parents, he returns to the gas station and meets up with Detective Paterson.

The detective asks Oscar for the security camera footage but the man tells him the cameras aren’t working.

After the detective leaves, Will realises Oscar is lying. There is a light flashing below one of the cameras outside and this indicates that it is working. Why the detective didn’t pick up on this we don’t know but when Will finds out, he threatens Oscar, assaults him, and takes the hard drive that contains the camera footage.

What is on the footage?

Will takes the hard drive to the police station and they take a look at the footage. It shows a man talking to Lisa but when the truck pulls into view, the police aren’t able to see what happened next.

Will later shows the footage to Lisa’s parents and they recognise the man who is talking to their daughter. It’s Knuckles, their handyman, and they reveal that he used to be a classmate of Lisa’s at school. Her parents also recognise the car Knuckles is driving and they tell Will that it is in a garage nearby.

Does Will find Knuckles?

Will heads to the garage’s location and catches up with Knuckles. A fight ensues but Will is able to get the better of him.

Knuckles reveals that he is the person behind Lisa’s disappearance and that he has taken her to a man called Frank. Will ties Knuckles up, puts him in the back of his car and sets off to look for the person who apparently has his wife.

Does Will find Frank?

Yes but not before he has a run-in with the police when they catch him speeding. After pulling over, Will realises the policeman is about to find Knuckles in the boot of his car so decides to make a run for it.

He eventually reaches Frank’s location; a barn which has been converted into a meth lab. He spots Oscar, the shopkeeper from the gas station, and realises that he has something to do with his wife’s disappearance. He also catches sight of Frank and his men.

After taking out Frank’s goons in a gunfight and inadvertently causing a fire in the barn, he corners Frank and tries to make him talk. Unfortunately, Frank is killed in their scuffle so Will has no way of finding out what happened to Lisa.

Luckily, Oscar appears from the now burning barn and demands money from Will in exchange for knowledge about his wife. Before Will can find out the answer, the barn explodes and kills Oscar. At this point, it would appear that Will has no way of knowing where Lisa might be. But when wandering around the property, he hears a noise from a nearby outhouse. When he manages to get the door open, he finds Lisa inside.

Why did Lisa get taken?

Knuckles orchestrated the plan to take Lisa. After hearing of her imminent arrival after carrying out work at her parent’s house, he decided to kidnap her.

He did this because he needed money to fuel his drug addiction. As Knuckles knew Will was wealthy, he thought he could abduct Lisa, take her to Frank, and then hold her for ransom.

Frank didn’t approve of this plan, however, and instead ordered Knuckles to dig a pit for Lisa’s soon-to-be murdered body. Knuckles didn’t hang around after digging the pit, possibly because he realised he was going to get into deeper trouble if he was incriminated in Lisa’s death.

But before Frank could dispose of Lisa, Will arrived on the scene to save his wife.

After the couple are united, Paterson lets Will know that Knuckles has signed a confession and admitted to the kidnapping.

We can’t be certain of what happened to Knuckles after the events of the film, but we can assume that Will, after saving his wife from being murdered, also saved his marriage.


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