Last Light – Season 1 Episode 4 “Dead of Night” Recap & Review

Dead of Night

Elena and Sam are just about able to make it to the tunnel at the start of Last Light episode 4, with the police hot on their trail. It will take almost half a day for them to make it across. Laura and Owen lay low in a boat for the time being. Cameron explains to Mika how the attack was carried out.

During the pandemic, oil prices cratered and no one wanted to sell oil at a loss. Billions of gallons were stockpiled in storage facilities. In an extremely cringe questioning where the line of interrogation is laughable, Andy reveals he created the bacteria for a good deed, along with his “colleague”. Tobias Heller and Andy co-authored the research paper that was sent to the MI6 by Tobias via mail.

The secret service has trouble locating Tobias as there are no public records of his existence since 2004. The MI6 still believes Andy is connected but he reasons that they don’t have an option but to trust him. If not, the world will change forever, irreversibly. Mika requests Cameron to locate Andy’s family. Because if they do not, he will refuse to help. Laura and Owen share an emotional moment together when the former reminisces about the time she got lost in the woods and how transformative the experience was for her.

Later that night, Owen makes a call to Ash, the mysterious stranger. So, he is involved with the organization and is keeping an eye on Laura. But Owen says to Ash on the phone that the deal for the payment for his tuition fees for spying on Laura is over.

An oil tanker with the rigged bacteria was found abandoned at the Ankara Airport. MI6 suspects, it was used to contaminate a storage facility in the Middle East. Stefan Pesivic is the man who was driving the tanker and the MI6 must get to him for answers. The Border Force intercepts Sam and Elena in the tunnel. At the Immigration Check, Sam and Elena are separated. The boy is thrown onto a bus as Elene stands there helpless. Andy works with the team assembled by the MI6 to work on possible solutions. He suggests they engineer a virus specifically to attack the bacteria. Elena is finally able to get through to Andy.

She informs him that they’re at the Folkstone Immigration Center and need his help to get Sam back. Pesivic is questioned by the MI6 in a “human rights blind spot”. He is pressured into answering the questions and reveals he isn’t the truck driver but the tech guy. He built the communications framework and carried out the transactions. Operational assignments in the AW are given anonymously and Pesivic knows no further than his task.

An unguarded IP leads them to James Bradford, whom Yeats recognizes as Tobias. A police officer and Ash converge on the young duo on the boat. Ash shoots the policeman but Owen fights him off and kills him, throwing him into the river. Laura, though, cannot trust Owen anymore and runs away.

Mika bids goodbye to Andy, who is sent home to be with Elena. Laura reaches Karl Bergmann at his Whitehall office. Karl is heading the task force. As it turns out, Bergmann is indeed Tobias. He has been behind this all along.

The Episode Review

The same complaints from episodes 2 and 3 continue here in episode 4, but there isn’t much any of us can do about it. This episode was another opportunity for writers to take their shallow work toward a conclusion. That, to be honest, seems like a relief.

Amateur hour rages for quite some time. Nothing indicates that the show was written professionally. There is an unusual hurry in everything to reach somewhere that can only be seen by them. Episode 4 provided no signs that the writers were going to surprise us, from out of the blue, with anything positive.

They haven’t been able to buck the downtrend but you can’t really go any lower from here. Predictability should have been deleted from the English language before the writers started to piece this story together. Because that is all I can see; pieces from different films that might not necessarily go together, together.

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