Last Call for Istanbul (2023) Ending Explained – Do Mehmet and Serin reunite?

Last Call for Istanbul Plot Summary

Last Call for Istanbul is a delightful romance drama currently airing on Netflix. It tells the story of Mehmet and Serin, who meet at a New York airport. Serin’s luggage gets swapped with someone else’s and Mehmet offers to help her get it back.

As a result, the two spend the rest of the day around New York. Searching for the luggage, they arrive at a hotel only to find Serin’s luggage will arrive the next day. They book a room in the hotel and freshen up to go out at night. 

As the night progresses, the two indulge in some heart to heart conversations. They have a divided opinion on marriage and living with one partner for the rest of one’s life. The two grow close emotionally and physically as the night progresses. That forms the first half of the movie.

Who are Mehmet and Serin?

In the next half, we see the real story unfold. Mehmet and Serin were pretending to be strangers on the suggestion of their therapist. Their marriage had been going through a rough patch and they were on a verge of divorce.

As one final attempt to save their marriage and rekindle the lost passion, Mehmet and Serin make this attempt, but as the time is up, they still haven’t found common ground. 

Why were Mehmet and Serin seeking divorce?

Mehmet and Serin have been together for ten years now. The two dated briefly and then got married. The rosy bubble was burst as reality crashed in. Mehmet had to forego his passion for music and take up a corporate job to earn a livelihood.

Serin let go of her art school scholarship and stayed back with her husband. She tried to find a career in Istanbul but was not met with positive results. Soon, the two grew frustrated because of their lifestyle. They started to bicker and quarrel over the smallest of matters. Communication stopped between them and it led to more disgruntled discourses. 

Do Mehmet and Serin reunite?

Mehmet confesses his feelings to Serin via a letter but she is firm on separation. She goes about her schedule in New York City while Mehmet boards the flight back to Istanbul. As the day progresses, Serin comes to a realisation that she wants to be with her husband. She leaves her photoshoot halfway and rushes to the airport. Mehmet boards the plan but deboards just before departure. The two have a cheerful and tearful reunion at the airport. 

Does Serin go back to Istanbul?

Yes, Serin does go back to Istanbul with Mehmet. She tells Mehmet that she would like to give their marriage another shot and she wants to love her husband just the way she did in the early years of their relationship. The two agree to work on their differences and start their life anew. 


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