La Révolution – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Chapter Six – The Alliance

Episode 6 of La Revolution begins with Donatien opening the hidden door and coming face to face with Katell and Joseph. He doesn’t believe their story about being doctors and starts looking around the room for clues.

Taking his place at a dusty seat, Joseph talks about the disease spreading across France without realizing that the disease itself is standing right in front of him. Unfortunately things take a turn for the worst as Donatien burns the church and shrugs off the bullet to the chest Katell greets him with.

When Joseph awakens, he finds himself with Katell chained up along with numerous other people at this giant tree we’ve seen before. Katell is incredulous though, wondering exactly how Donatien survived the gunshot to the chest.

Meanwhile, Elise brings the nobleman Henri before Albert and Marianne. The only way to strengthen this bond is a marriage between Elise and Henri. When they leave together, Oka tasks Albert with finding Nais.

Donatien returns to the estate and touches Madeleine’s chin. Only, as he does she experiences horrific visions that see her lash out and slap him across the face. Enraged, Donatien walks away.

Out in the woods, Marianne and the others capture Edmond’s guards while he’s out with his men. After antagonizing her, she lashes out and sends a message back to Edmond and his men in the form of a nasty scar on this man’s forehead. Edmond is understandably upset and literally flips the table when he finds out.

The next day, the noblemen gather at the Montargis household to discuss the recent events that have transpired. Donatien loses his temper and forces them all into silence He monologues to them about how he’s their Count and demands allegiance.

Charles confronts his son after the meeting but quickly learns he’s lost control now. Donatien calls him out for not having the guts to inject blue blood into his veins and walks away.

Thanks to Donatien’s display of maniacal power, Lariboise manages to convince several more nobles to join his cause to usurp Donatien.

Charles is wise to what’s going on though and suspects that someone is behind all of this. Someone pulling the strings. With his closest advisors, he decides to set a trap for the rebels to fall into.

Unfortunately the plan comes unraveled sooner rather than later. Justin overhears a man loyal to Lariboise reveal the truth that Henri’s working with the rebels. Immediately he heads off to send a message, warning the rebels.

Joseph manages to free Katell from her chains and implores her to leave and seek refuge. Time is of the essence, and Donatien arrives with Marie and several other noblemen not long after.

After killing the men in cold blood, Donatien stabs Marie in the stomach and injects her with the blue blood serum. Leaving them to their fate, Donatien rides away.

Meanwhile, Elise manages to smuggle Madeleine and Ophélie away from the madness about to hit France. As she bids them farewell, gunshots ricochet through the air as the Baron is shot down along with the driver.

As he bleeds out, the two girls are forced to run through the woods. Elise and Madeleine are both captured, while Henri takes a bullet to the face for his troubles

On the back of this, Elise is taken down to the basement where Charles has a syringe of blue blood waiting for her. With Marie and the others rising from the dead and looking to feast, they begin taking out the prisoners one by one. As they do, Elise decides to take her chances and looks set to inject herself with the serum.

The Episode Review

Now that we’re 6 episodes into this one, we’re no closer to getting to that iconic segment from the start of the season. Nor are we ant closer to an all-out revolt from the people.

Instead, this one is starting to build up a distinct rivalry between the blue bloods (basically modified vampires, let’s be honest) and the humans which I’d imagine will drive the narrative forward from now on.

With Elise looking to inject herself, this could prove to be an interesting twist if she manages to stave off the effects this virus has. However, the show has already raised some big questions without really answering them.

How does Oka have that much power? Does he have the same gifts Madeleine has? And how does the voodoo work to take the blue blood effects away from Albert?

On a personal note though, it’s a little disappointing that Marianne has only had a minor role so far. On top of that, the romance between Katell and Joseph – for me anyway – feels a little rushed.

Despite those quibbles, La Revolution is a fun re-imagining of French history and while it’s certainly not going to win over fans of French period dramas (despite a tightly written first episode), this one is enjoyable enough to stick with for now.

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