La Pluie Season 1 Review – A somewhat confusing but enjoyable supernatural love story

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La Pluie is a Thai supernatural boys’ love romance series following the story of Phat and Saengtai. This is set in an alternate universe with a touch of magic where when it rains, some of the population becomes deaf or suffers from sensor neural hearing loss. However, these people can hear only one voice: their soul mate. 

When Saengtai turned 20 years old, his parents divorced. They both had the same condition he did and were soul mates. The end of their marriage makes Saengtai lose his belief in soul mates. Thus, when his soul mate reaches out telepathically during the rainy days, Saengtai hears him but does not respond.

Two years later, he coincidentally meets Phat, a veterinarian. Saengtai gets drawn to him at first sight and discovers that Phat is his soul mate!

As it happens, Dr Phat has seen Saengtai before and fell in love at first sight. He even decided to defile his destiny and follow his heart since he had found ‘The One’. Their destinies are linked with Saengtai falling in love with Phat because he is his soul mate, while Phat falls in love with Saengtai even before realizing he is his soul mate. Thus begins a sweet, sour, and confusing supernatural love story between Phat, the veterinarian, and Saengtai, the writer. 

The script has an interesting premise where one of the main characters tries to defile destiny which still finds him when he least expects it, and the other waits two years to meet his fate. And when he finally gives up, destiny finds him.

Saengtai’s parents breaking up despite being soul mates sends the message that love and relationships require much more than being destined to be together. The series exceedingly delivers this message by making Phat fall in love with Saengtai before he knew he was his soul mate. 

There are flaws unexplained in the script and incidents that fail to explain the significance of hearing loss and the soul mate bond. Does it send the message that love is all that matters? The script challenges its premise on soul mates, which makes one doubt its relevance in the story. 

Regardless, the execution of the plot is intriguing, keeping viewers hooked and anticipating the next episodes. However, after the first few episodes, the story development hits a snag, and it becomes very slow, adding a few episodes of scenes that feel irrelevant to the story development.

The ending is slow and anticlimactic too, since the writers lose the story’s essence or central theme and do not work to bring it back. 

The two main characters are adorable on screen as they develop from the awkwardness of getting to know each other and getting comfortable with each other despite being soul mates. Their relationship is gradual, and they have to learn to trust each other and communicate since the primary villain in the story is basically misunderstandings.

Phat has to learn to love, trust, and communicate in a relationship. Saengtai has to learn that love takes more work, trust, and communication than the mere fact that you are destined to be together. 

The support characters have a role in assisting the main character in their development. Lomfon is a college student confusing gratitude for love. Saengtian is Saengtai’s younger brother. His character is bubbly, fun, and emotional – plus he believes in soul mates. His character is mature and balances the annoyance that viewers are likely to sometimes experience from Saengtai’s childish approach to things.

The rest of the supporting cast, including Saengtai’s family, the veterinarians, and Phat’s animal clinic, are well-written and essential to story development, but the ending added some guest casts irrelevant to the plot. 

Ultimately, La Pluie is worth a watch and the story has a certain sentimentality to it. If you are up for an easy yet relatable watch, then give this show a chance.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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