La Partitura Secreta (2024) – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Final Pulse

Episode 8 of The Secret Score Season 1 starts with finding the red bird on a statue of the silver pendant near the gate and remembers that the bird had somehow guided her into the museum. When it lands on her finger, she learns through past vision of Staqui talking to her grandson that the bird finds a guide who considers them the guardians of the score. Each guardian has a symbol on the back of their hands, representing their powers. Maya also learns that his guide decides if the score should be hidden or left on the surface, but there are consequences. 

What happens to Maya and Max?

In this episode, Maya and Max have a chance to perform, so they sing a song about being made for each other. Both of them have been drawn to each other, but they hold back since Maya already has an invisible boyfriend who might be snooping around everywhere. After the performance, Max asks Tenoch for a favor. He wants him to teleport them to an exotic place where he can be with Maya alone, away from Leo hovering around and confessing his feelings. Therefore, Tenoch takes them to Paris before returning for his performance with Rafa. Max confesses his feelings, saying that he does not want to get between Maya and Leo, but he has never felt like he does for Maya. Maya reciprocates his feelings, and they both kiss, promising to figure everything out once they get Leo back.

What happens to Rafa?

After hearing the music score in the previous episode, Rafa starts by teleporting Connie and Paulina to Gael’s room, making him think he has the power of teleportation. However, Dod believes it is so much more, and it helps him understand that he can replicate other people’s powers. He is still assisting Dod in looking for Gael, so he teleports into town to look for him but cannot find him. After Connie helps Dod figure out Gael’s location, Rafa replicates Andy’s power of transformation and uses it to find the music scores, which he delivers to Dod. 

Do the kids get Leo back?

Connie listens to Gael’s conversation, and Dod figures out where he is heading. He asks Rafa to acquire Andy’s power of transformation so that he can become Maya and directs the siblings to where to find Gael. Meanwhile, Tenoch teleports the guardians of the score to Paris to pick up Max and Maya before heading to Gael’s location. They arrive just in time before Gael hands the briefcase to fake Maya. A fight for the briefcase ensues, with the two groups wanting to take ownership, and they end up dividing the contents, with Connie and Rafa’s group getting the pendant while Maya’s group gets the music score. Since time is almost up, Tenoch teleports Max and Maya to the attic, first so they can save Leo while he heads back to help the others get the pendant and bring them to the attic. 

Maya and Max have two minutes in the attic before the full moon passes, so they quickly play the score. However, Maya hurt her wrist during the confrontation and cannot play. Against her intuition, she lets Max play it while holding the score in the mirror. Tenoch and the rest do not catch up to Connie, but they find Nati hurt at the cliff’s edge, and they all get back to the music room. 

They arrive just in time to see Leo reappear, but at the same time, Max disappears, and the music scores are gone. 

How does Season 1 end? 

Rafa transforms into Nati, and he follows them into the attic. He waits until Leo reappeared and then took both music scores to Dod. He is overjoyed to have both scores and says he cannot wait to play them and acquire the silver score.

The Episode Review

The final episode resolves the storyline of season 1, and the kids get Rafa back, but it ends on a cliffhanger when Max disappears and Dod gets the music scores. The ending hints at the possibility of a second season 2, where the kids will try to get the music scores back from Dod to bring back Max. We learn in this episode that the kids are the guardians of the score, and each has a symbol at the back of their hands that represents their powers.

Now that the music scores are in Dod’s hands, will the guide leave them on the surface or hide them? However, Gael mentioned that only people under the age of 20 could hear the music score, which leaves us wondering if Dod will be able to listen to the music when he plays the music scores. If they are hidden, how will the guardians find Max? The episode is a fitting ending to season 1, but we cannot wait for the release of season 2 so we can learn more about the guide, the guardians, and the ultimate power of the music score. 

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