La Partitura Secreta (2024) – Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of The Secret Score starts by showing us that Leo is trapped by his power of invisibility, and he sees Maya the day she joins the institute with the pendant. He tries talking to her to warn her that she is in danger and to take the pendant to the institute. At the office, Gael tells the friends that Leo is obsessed with finding the other half of the music score, the one they found in the attic, and he has the other half, played using a violin. He adds that the purpose of the powers is to improve oneself, but there are consequences if they are abused. 

Maya sees a picture of the man she saw talking to Staqui, and Gael tells them that he is Leo’s father. They discover that Leo’s father is Staqui’s grandson, which means that Leo is her great-grandson. Gael has Leo’s violin bow, and Maya wants to use it to track the moment Leo disappears through her visions. Meanwhile, Dod tells Rafa about letting Mercury, the only person able to handle the kids’ powers, care for Maya and her friends. He asks Rafa to make sure that he has eyes on them at all times so they can get the second music score and play it to get the silver score that can grant them a power they cannot imagine. 

Pepe gets punished for the fight with Rafa and complains to Tenoch, wondering why he is the only one getting punished. Tenoch tells him the truth about being rude and scary, which makes Pepe happy since no one has ever been honest with him. Rafa knocks on the door and tries to get Tenoch to stop cooperating with the rest of the group since they are in danger, and he mentions something about the pendant. Pepe remembers seeing the pendant in the principal’s office, so he leads the friends to find it, but Rafa and his group follow them, so they do not get to the pendant. 

Later in their room, Nati looks through Maya’s closet to find a dress for the concert, and Maya lets her borrow a short-sleeved one. Nati refuses, saying that she does not wear clothes that show off her arms, but Maya convinces her to try them on. In the process, they enjoy some girl talk about Max and Maya, with Nati mentioning that her feelings for Max are easily visible, and Maya says it is complicated. Meanwhile, Rafa finds Dod to ask about their next steps and where to find the pendant, but he does not tell him, making Rafa think that he does not trust him. 

Next is the day of the concert, and Catalina introduces a new teacher. The students are nervous since he is a well-known singer and will only pick the best to join his class. The first ones to perform are Nati and Andy. Her mother finds them backstage and criticises her for wearing a short-sleeved dress, so she gives her a blazer. However, once Nati gets on stage, she takes it off, and they perform a song by Andy about not pretending and being themselves. 

Max and Maya take the chance to sneak away from the concert and find the pendant hidden in a trophy inside Catalina’s office. They then play the music score, get their powers back, and hand it over to Gael and the pendant so he can keep it safe. While Max plays the music, Rafa is in the museum, so he also hears the score and probably gets a power. Meanwhile, Andy transforms into Rafa and discovers that the person after them is Dod, but he also realises that Andy is not Rafa, forcing him to return. Max, Maya, and Tenoch use Leo’s bow to see how he disappeared, and they think it might be a clue to get him back. 

Paulina stops Tenoch and Nati and asks about the music score, but they do not know where it is since Gael did not tell them. Meanwhile, Max and Maya figure out the code playing constantly on the theremin. It is a message from Leo telling them how to get him back. They have to play the score mirrored during a full moon. Leo is relieved that they finally understand his message.

The Episode Review

The episode mentions an essential theme about being ourselves and comfortable in our bodies. Nati’s mother tries to get her to cover up, but she follows what she wants and plays a beautiful song with Andy while feeling free and enjoying herself. This episode’s songs were enjoyable and worth adding to our playlists. We have almost uncovered all the mysteries since Max and Maya figured out how to get Leo back at the end of the episode. We are only curious about the silver score that Dod is after and the powers it can grant.

As we head to the final episode, will the kids bring back Leo? Will Dod get the two music scores? What will happen if he plays both scores? Tell us in the comments below what you have liked about The Secret Score so far and what you are most excited to see in the final episode. 

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