La Partitura Secreta (2024) – Episode 6 Recap & Review

Against the Ropes

Episode 6 of The Secret Score Season 1 starts with Maya, Tenoch, and Gael discovering that the person they say was Andy transformed into Leo. Maya is disappointed, while Gael figures out that more students have listened to the music score. He wants them to know that the score’s powers are dangerous and tells them Rafa might not be working alone. However, he has to leave for a conference and cannot tell them anything else. Meanwhile, Rafa takes Connie to see the secret room in the attic. 

The friends realise that Gael is not the person behind Leo’s disappearance and that he is trying to protect Leo. Maya insists on talking to Gael when he returns since he is the only lead to finding Leo, while Tenoch wonders about the dangers of listening to the music score. Meanwhile, Rafa realises that the friends used Connie’s power against her, and they planted a fake music score in Tenoch’s room. Rafa gets her to work together to get back at the friends for fooling them. Meanwhile, Maya and Nati continue trying to figure out who Rafa is working for by assigning teachers and erasing their memories. However, they think the plan is impractical since a person can easily lie and have to come up with something else. We discover that Pepe’s power is that he can see through objects, and when he is called into Catalina’s office, he finds the pendant hidden in a vase but does not take it. 

The kids get busy with the rehearsals for the upcoming project as they take turns playing it for Dod and listening to his feedback. Meanwhile, Maya and Max try to determine if the music score works with any other instrument since they have yet to find the pendant. Paulina realises that her superpower is making anyone follow her will. Rafa is excited about it and is convinced they can go against Maya’s group and get the music score.

Andy transforms into Rafa and discovers that Rosa might not be the person they seek. They all meet up at the cafeteria and discuss the teachers they have ruled out, and in a way, they happen to have already ruled out Dod even though they have not tested him yet. Tenoch teleports them into the attic since they need to play the music score before their powers expire, but they run into Rafa, Paulina, and Connie. Tenoch quickly teleports them out, but Rafa holds Nati back, and she is stuck in a loop. Paulina asks about the music score, and Nati erases their memories after she answers them. Fortunately, Tenoch quickly comes back for her. 

The friends face a crisis when Maya finds out that Max has to pawn his violin to pay the school fees or else he must leave the school. He is so sad about it since his grandfather, who inherited it from his great-grandfather, gave the violin to him. They run into Rafa and his team, but fortunately, their powers disappear before Paulina can order them to hand over the music score. They find Max outside the antique store, unable to walk in and pawn his violin, so Maya comes up with an idea where they make a street performance for money.

Rafa is frustrated at the institution because he did not get the music score and says someone might kill him. Connie asks about the person threatening him, but he does not respond and only tries to think of how to pressure his friends to hand it over. He fights with Pepe when he breaks his bonsai vase, but Rosa breaks them off. 

Maya and Max almost kiss in town, but Gael interrupts and takes them to Leo’s office to tell them about the dangers of the music score. He says the music score is dangerous when someone plays just half of it for a prolonged time since it can trap someone. In Leo’s case, he thought he could use the first half to lead him to the second half, so he played the music score so many times that he became invisible. At the end of the episode, Rafa meets up with the person he works for; surprisingly enough, it is Dod. 

The Episode Review

First, let us appreciate the music in this episode. The kids can play good music and sing when they enjoy it, unlike the messy and out-of-tune scores they play in Dod’s class. This episode resolves some of the mysteries we have been in the dark about, such as who the bad guy is and what happened to Leo. The group has formed a strong bond that is not only about finding Leo but also about helping each other. Maya and Max seem to be developing feelings for each other. What will happen if Leo comes back? Why does Dod want the music score? Is he threatening Rafa to work for him? With two more episodes, The Secret Score continues to keep us engaged and looking forward to the next episode. 

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