Land of Women – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Land of Women Episode 3 begins five years earlier, with Amat coming to La Muga for the first time. It seems he had a family before he moved there: In the present day, he looks fondly at a picture of himself and a little girl.

Gala wakes up bright and early for her first day working at the cooperative, while Julia begs ill to get out of work. She’s fine when Kate takes her to the doctor, and Kate takes the opportunity while there to ask for more hormones. But as she doesn’t have much documentation with her, the doctor tells her it’s going to be a slow process to provide her with care.

Back at the vineyard, Amat convinces the ladies of the cooperative to give Gala a chance, just like they did with him. They begrudgingly agree, and Gala starts tasting their wine–only to find there’s not much to work with.

She does start to get closer with Amat, however. After getting drunk with him the first night on the job, Gala tries one of the cooperative’s older wines the next morning and is surprised to find it tastes nice. She pitches mixing it with their current wine production and selling that. Amat is on board with the idea and calls one of Gala’s connections to help make it happen. But the cooperative refuses. They don’t want to lose their certification even if it means selling a better wine.

Meanwhile, Julia tells Andreu he’s Gala’s father and asks him for money. Excited to have a daughter, he agrees, but he can’t keep the secret from Mariona. Angry at Julia for sleeping with Andreu, Mariona tells her sister she won’t be seeing any money from them and that Andreu is sterile. Remembering back to who else could be Gala’s father, Julia comes up with another possibility.

At the bar, Kate runs into trouble with another patron, who confronts her about being trans. It turns out the doctor didn’t keep Kate’s visit confidential. Montse and the mechanic stick up for her, but Kate is still too embarrassed to stay.

Back at home, Gala and Julia encourage her. The three of them go to a secluded area where they can scream about their grievances.

Kate reminds Gala of a detail about Fred, which prompts Gala to try a new password to get into Fred’s email. When it works, she finds a picture of another woman wearing one of Gala’s expensive necklaces.

She surmises that Fred was cheating on her. When she confides in Amat, the two of them almost share an intimate moment, but they’re interrupted by Montse, whom Amat seems to be seeing.

The episode ends with the loan sharks having figured out Gala is in La Muga, and they’ve now arrived.

The Episode Review

Land of Women continues at a somewhat lazy pace, but one that works well enough with the coziness of its story.

The plot is picking up with Gala, who has an uphill battle with the cooperative up ahead, as well as some interesting chemistry with Amat to sort through. There’s also questions of Fred’s betrayal and of who her father could be swimming in her mind–but I hope that her focus right now goes mostly to her daughter. We saw a heartwrenching moment with Kate in this episode, and there’s likely more to come if she’s not going to receive proper medical care. 

I enjoyed a lot of the developments this episode, and a cozy family drama is taking shape. If one thing doesn’t quite fit perfectly into it, it’s the presence of the loan shark characters, who are both too goofy to pose a real threat and too serious to fit into the show’s lighter tone.

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