Land of Women – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

In Land of Women Episode 2, Amat decides not to file a complaint, and the women are released from the jail cell. On Julia’s way out, she catches the eye of many older men. It turns out Andreu was only one of many lovers she had back in the day.

While Gala and Julia go to retrieve the money from Amat’s house, Kate sees about getting their car fixed. She meets the pretty mechanic, who gives her a ride to the airport once Maggie arranges a ticket for Kate to go home. A conversation with the mechanic also prompts Kate to remember the time she first met Maggie’s parents, as well as a conversation she had with her dad about her transition.

Meanwhile, Gala and Julia discover that the money is gone. Amat put it towards a new tractor to help the cooperative. Everyone claims Gala owes them the money anyway.

Next, the women go to Mariona’s to confront her about selling the house. Gala learns from Mariona that Julia went over 40 years without contacting her, so she might as well have been dead. She also implies that Julia lied about Gala’s father dying before she was born.

Julia tries to keep the lie going but is found out after she takes Gala to a fake grave. So she confesses that her father isn’t dead, but that he could be one of many men in town.

Later, they run into the mechanic, who informs them that Kate is at the airport. Julia and a panicked Gala get a ride with Amat to go after her. To stop Kate from boarding, Gala has to tell her the truth: that some scary people are after them for the money they owe. Kate is convinced to stay, but Gala still feels overwhelmed by their precarious situation.

Amat sits with her and apologizes for taking the money. He promises he’ll pay her back with the extra profits from the cooperative. Gala doesn’t think that will happen, as she’s tasted their wine, and it’s not good. This gives her an idea, though. As a wine expert, she could help them make more profit, which would in turn help her get her money back. In the meantime, Amat agrees to let them all stay with him.

Things are looking up in La Muga, but Maggie worries when Kate doesn’t meet her at the airport. She calls her dad, telling him that Kate is stuck in a small wine town in Catalonia. He tells her not the worry, and when he hangs up, it’s revealed that he’s in cahoots with the loan sharks. And now they have a better grasp of where Gala is.

The Episode Review

I think this is where Land of Women hits its stride, delivering as a family drama as entertaining as it is moving. Eva Longoria is a show stealer and grounds the drama with her complex struggles and deep-seated desire to protect her family. 

I hope we dig into the history of her relationship with Fred soon and get some answers as to what kind of person he is. Because, as kind as he seems from Kate’s point of view, the man has put his family in intense danger. Plus, a new romance could be knocking on Gala’s door.

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Expect a full season review when the show has finished airing!
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