Land of Women – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

In Land of Women Episode 1, Gala Scott (Eva Longoria) prepares for the opening night of her new wine store. But her dream crumbles when debt collectors confront her at the launch party about the 15 million dollars her husband Fred owes their boss.

Gala leaves the launch party early to go home and find Fred, who’s packing up his things. He tells her she needs to get her mom and their daughter out of New York. Meanwhile, he promises he’ll fix things.

With no more information, Gala scrambles to get things together to leave before the debt collectors find her again. She finds all her accounts have been overdrawn. She’s able to procure about $50,000 in cash by selling jewelry, including her wedding ring. So, she straps it to her body and hides it under her dress.

Barely evading the debt collectors, Gala then picks up her mother Julia, who has dementia, from the nursing home. She then picks up Kate from college, springing the idea of a spontaneous girls’ trip on her. She poses the girls’ trip as if it were Julia’s idea to return to La Muga, the town in Spain where she grew up. And she convinces Kate to come by lying to her that it is Julia’s dying wish.

Secretly, Gala is thinking La Muga will be a safe getaway for them, as Julia says she still owns half of her childhood home.

When they get to Spain, Gala is unable to get a rental car without a credit card, so she buys a used car outright from a random guy. It’s not ideal, as she can’t drive a stick shift, but she’ll make do.

On the drive, Julia lies to Gala and takes them in the opposite direction to La Muga. They come to a vineyard, where Gala runs the car into a tractor, which then spills a harvest of grapes. 

Amat, the tractor’s driver, angrily confronts Gala and demands she pay for the damage. She wants to avoid a confrontation and get away, but then notices that Julia is missing.

They find Julia swimming in a river. She remembers swimming there as a young woman, and her dementia momentarily causes her to think that Gala is her sister Mariona. Julia then pulls Gala and Kate into the water with her. Gala laughs it off at first but then realizes that the money from under her clothes is going everywhere.

Once Gala gathers the money, Kate and Julia know something is up, and Gala promises to explain later.

When they get back to the car, it won’t start. Amat then tells them they’ve gone the wrong way to La Muga, which is where he lives. He’s kind enough to give them a ride in his tractor. But when they show him a picture of Julia’s house, he insists that they can’t stay there because it’s his house. He bought it from Julia’s sister.

He drops them off close to Mariona’s house so they can figure things out with her, but when Mariona sees Julia, she shuts the door in their face. In fact, the rest of the town isn’t excited to hear from Amat that Julia’s back either.

Kate confronts Gala about their true reason for coming here, as she no longer believes it’s because her grandma is dying. Gala shares with them that they’re in financial trouble. All they have is the cash and Julia’s half of the house in La Muga. She insists that Fred is okay and that he’s figuring things out at home. Until he does, they have to stay in La Muga.

They then go to Julia’s childhood home even though Amat says it now belongs to him. When Amat catches them there, he calls the cops.

Lo and behold, the cop that shows up is Julia’s old boyfriend, Andreu. He’s obviously still smitten with her, but it doesn’t stop him from arresting them for breaking and entering. 

After the three women are jailed, the scene cuts to Kate’s girlfriend Maggie as the debt collectors pay her a visit at her dorm.

The Episode Review

This first episode of Apple TV’s Land of Women sets us up to enjoy a unique family drama, although the process for that setup is a bit of a drag.

The slow journey might be worth it, however. Gala’s run-in with Amat and his tractor makes for a nice little enemies-to-lovers rom-com setup I look forward to the show exploring more. And the mystery of why everyone hates Julia definitely intrigues.


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Expect a full season review when the show has finished airing!
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