Land of Tanabata – Episode 3 “Within Reach” Recap & Review

Within Reach

Episode 3 of Land of Tanabata begins with the men in white ritualistic clothing returning and striking Tagaya. The men turn out to be the villagers who had earlier met Nanmaru and his group. They question Emi and, after ensuring she did not witness anything important, let her and Tagaya leave.

Meanwhile, Nanmaru and Tomoko come across news of the protests against the golf course by the Marukami villagers. Emi and Tagaya return to Nanmaru and Tomoko, where Emi decides that the group needs to leave the town the very next day since it is dangerous to stay.

The next day, all except Emi leave for Tokyo. Nanmaru had exchanged contacts with Sachiko before leaving. Meanwhile, Takashi has been searching for Nanmaru, but they had already left for Tokyo. He arrives at Nanmaru’s university, asking for him. After meeting Nanmaru, Takashi teaches him to use his powers the right way. He asks him to concentrate his powers in mid-air instead of thinking about a target.

 Takashi demonstrates, and a spherical black object appears in front of them. “When the target is a solid or liquid, it (the sphere) reacts instantly, and about the same volume as the sphere (of the physical object) disappears,” he adds, showing him the remains of a plastic bottle after coming into contact with the sphere.

Takashi further explains, “Being Within Reach means reaching Beyond the Window. You extend your hand, grab a little from Beyond the Window, and bring it to you.” Under Takashi’s guidance, where he tells Nanmaru to create the sphere imagining 12 fingers pressing at one point, Nanmaru is finally able to make a big sphere. Later, he tells Sachiko about meeting her brother, Takashi, but she warns him to stay away from him.

Meanwhile, more outsiders visit Marukami Village, much to the villagers’ concern. Emi receives a phone call from Professor Masami, telling her that he’s safe but won’t be returning to Tokyo. He asks Emi to return before bidding goodbye.

Elsewhere, a masked man with uncanny twelve fingers, along with another person, appears at a councillor’s talk. A huge spherical floating ball moves towards the councilor and kills him as people try to leave the auditorium.

Emi finally returns to the university, and Nanmaru shows the group his newfound power from Beyond the Window. Nanmaru’s excitement at his new skill soon turns into concern when he learns of the murders that had taken place in a similar manner. Emi conjectures that Takashi might be the murderer. Later that night, Takashi asks Nanmaru to help him.

Back at the village, Sachiko visits her ailing great-uncle to inform him about the arrival of suspicious men in the village. “Takashi, Professor Marukami…and me. They’re searching for those Within Reach,” the great-uncle says as he sits up with a huge jewel-like thing embedded in his forehead and the back of his palms.

The Episode Review

The show is finally gaining momentum. It’s almost certain that the new priest of Mount Marukami might be professor Marukami himself. The interesting appearance of the holders of telekinetic powers is definitely a cause for curiosity, which will possibly be explained in the upcoming episodes. We don’t know what exactly is going on quite yet.

Are the Marukami people blameless, or are they protecting themselves from another force of destruction? Why are they killing people? Is the masked man really professor Murakami? What’s the mystery behind Mount Marukami? We have no answers to any of our questions yet, but the upcoming episodes are sure to provide some clarity.

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