Laid-Back Camp – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Laid-Back Camp Season 3 starts with Rin waking up and eating a canape with Nadeshiko and Ayano. Rin brings up a popular suspension bridge. Nadeshiko wants to see it but Rin suggests that Nadeshiko head for the bus. Nadeshiko says she can spare time but Rin tells her that it’ll take her 39 minutes to walk to the bus stop. If she doesn’t take that bus, it’ll be a while until the next one arrives. 

Rin and Ayano promise to perform teardown duty so Nadeshiko can arrive at her destination on time. Later, we see Nadeshiko depart from the bus Rin spoke about earlier. While Nadeshiko visits a cafe at Sumata Pass, Rin and Ayano arrive at the Sumatasou Inn and park their vehicles in the parking lot. After the girls inform the Inn owner about their actions, they explore Sumata Pass and notice Nadeshiko eating at a cafe. 

After Nadeshiko finishes her meal, the three girls regroup and head to a foot bath cafe nearby. While the three eat and bathe their feet in the bath, the two girls Nadeshiko met on the train from a prior episode arrive. Nadeshiko introduces the girls to Ayano and Rin. The girls tell Nadeshiko they plan to head home and share their experiences with the suspension bridge Rin, Ayano, and Nadeshiko plan to visit. 

After that, Rin and the others head for the suspension bridge but take several detours and photos at different spots at Sumata Pass. While walking, Rin remarks how Nadeshiko loves befriending new people. Ayano compares Nadeshiko to a loving dog and recalls an amusing moment she had with Nadeshiko and her family. After Ayano shares this spooky yet wholesome tale, Rin realizes why Sakura is strict with Nadeshiko. 

The girls arrive at the Yume no Tsuribashi Suspension Bridge and cross it. Nadeshiko panics when they reach the middle area, while Rin and Ayano take the stroll like a champ. Then, Rin tells Ayano and Nadeshiko that she discovered a bridge more terrifying than the Hatanagi Suspension Bridge she and Ayano traversed. The narrator says it’s the Musou Suspension Bridge. 

Once the girls arrive at the end of the bridge they’re on, Nadeshiko takes a group photo with them. Later, the girls arrive at the Shochiku restaurant and a hot spring soon after. There, Ayano tells Nadeshiko she plans to head to Senzu to purchase gifts and visit one more suspension bridge before she heads home. Then, Nadeshiko departs for Senzu via a bus. 

Rin and Ayano leave on their bikes and regroup with Nadeshiko at Senzu’s Shiogo Suspension Bridge. While the three cross this bridge, Nadeshiko takes in the beautiful sights and greets a few bridge crossers heading in the opposite direction. Rin and Ayano ponder what would’ve happened if they met someone at the Hatanagi Suspension Bridge. 

Then, a group of kids run toward Rin and the others, startling our girls. Ayano yells at the kids and she and the others keep moving forward. Eventually, Nadeshiko notices a steam locomotive traveling underneath the bridge their on. She’s upset she forgot to take a photo of herself when it arrived. Nadeshiko takes a selfie and plans to have her father Photoshop a steam locomotive in the picture. 

Then, the girls arrive at a bench and Nadeshiko rambles about her new adoration for trains. While doing so, Ayano reflects on a past occurrence she had with Nadeshiko. In it, we see a young Nadeshiko tell a young Ayano that she’s slightly concerned about moving to Yamanashi since she doesn’t know anyone there. Ayano ensures Nadeshiko that she’ll make friends there in no time. 

In the present, Ayano’s happy Nadeshiko made friends in Yamanashi. Since the train’s arriving soon, Ayano tells Nadeshiko and Rin that she plans to head home. However, she promises to go on another outing with them, they just need to let her know. However, Ayano stops herself because she knows the path she must take will be a 2-hour boring excursion. 

Nadeshiko suggests she, Ayano, and Rin visit one more suspension bridge and Ayano accepts the offer. Nadeshiko and the others arrive and venture through the Hourai Bridge. Rin’s pleased with the bridge’s sights, despite it not being a suspension bridge. Then, Ayano tells the others that she’ll be leaving because she doesn’t want to depart when it’s dark. 

The girls bump fists and part ways. Later, Rin and Ayano text Nasdeshiko, informing her that they’ve arrived home. Nadeshiko says she’ll be home in ten minutes. Before then, she looks through several photos and remarks on how she can reflect on this experience through these photos. Nadeshiko wonders where she should travel next.

Then, Nadeshiko arrives home and tells Sakura why she arrived late. Then, Chiaki enters the scene via a fourth wall break. She informs the audience that she, Ena, and the others will be partaking in an exceptional camping trip. The episode closes with her telling the viewers that they should stay tuned. 

The Episode Review

As they say, “all good things come to an end” eventually. Although Ayano, Nadeshiko, and Rin’s suspension bridge shenanigans are upon them, Nadeshiko’s memories of the events remain through her photographs. Like previous chapters, this one contained the same enjoyable facial humor, commentary, and goofy situational comedy as the others. 

From the kids running on the bridge to Nadeshiko’s bizarre yet comedic fantasies, fans will smile and chuckle at episode six’s scenarios. Additionally, this chapter contained critical details regarding several locales our girls visited. For those unaware, most, if not, all the locations Nadeshiko and her friends ventured through can be explored in real life. 

This not only adds credence to the narrator’s spiel about the bridges, but it may entice some hardcore explorers to venture to these realistic locales themselves. At the same time, this chapter delved into Nadeshiko’s character’s origins briefly. It appears she was always a bubbly, sociable girl from the beginning, for better and worse. 

Nonetheless, the small flashback between Nadeshiko and Ayano regarding her Yamanashi concerns will intrigue folks the most. It’s rare to see Nadeshiko experience some essence of misery, due to her being an outgoing person. Although this episode doesn’t delve into that flashback enough, it was a neat detail to include and allows Nadeshiko to feel more rounded in return. Overall, this was a casual yet cheery chapter of Laid-Back Camp Season 3. 

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