Laid-Back Camp – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review

We’re Off! Land of Suspension Bridges

Episode 3 of Laid-Back Camp Season 3 starts with Rin contemplating things concerning her mother and grandfather before heading off somewhere via her vehicle. While driving, Rin ponders her upcoming meeting with Ayano and Nadeshiko. Then, Ena texts her and Rin learns Ena found out about her tour camping endeavor with Ayano. 

Also, Ena asks Rin to get her some Kawane Tea from a shop near Senzu Station (Rin’s destination). Rin denies Ena her tea, resulting in Chiaki and Aoi getting involved in their text chat. Rin’s surprised the three are up early. After a brief sequence involving Ayano driving, we cut to Nadeshiko riding a train. She contemplates the routes and trains she must take to reach Senzu Station.

Then, we enter a flashback involving Nadeshiko and her sister, Sakura. Sakura shares her experiences in Oigawa with Nadeshiko and gives Nadeshiko insight into some places she should visit. Then, Sakura notices Nadeshiko’s bag and Nadeshiko reveals what’s inside it. Inside lies an egg container. Nadeshiko says she plans to make Omelet Rice for dinner, so she bought the egg container to carry eggs.

Sakura’s baffled that Nadeshiko wants to make that while camping, but Nadeshiko says she and Ayano agreed on a Western-style dinner. Next, we cut away to Rin arriving at Senzu Station. Rin explores the area briefly and rests somewhere to wait for Ayano. She reflects on Ayano and Nadeshiko’s journeys briefly. Then, Ayano arrives, and greets Rin, but collapses since she’s tired from her trip. Ayano grabs herself a beverage from a shop.

Then, Ayano and Rin visit a bench. Ayano informs Rin of how her Senzu Station venture went. Next, the two discuss Kawane tea, their camping equipment, and Ayano’s hamburg steaks. After that, Ayano and Rin head to their vehicles. Ayano informs Rin that they’ll be heading for Lake Hatanagi next. However, she says they can make some stops during their travels.

Simultaneously, we receive a breakdown of Lake Hatanagi, the Oi River, and some suspension bridges from the narrator. At the same time, we see Ayano and Rin pass through multiple locations. The two stop somewhere and Ayano gives Rin insight on suspension bridges. Ayano insists they cross every bridge they see during their venture to Lake Hatanagi.

During their travels, Ayano pinpoints more suspension bridges. Rin’s impressed by Ayano’s stellar eyesight. Unfortunately, the two head toward that supposed bridge and learn it is a large power pole. Nevertheless, the two continue their journey to Lake Hatanagi while taking photos, breaks, and meeting animals.

Then, we cut to Nadeshiko arriving at the Oku-Shizuoka Ikawa Line Kanaya Station. She obtains an Oku-Shizu tour ticket and heads inside the station’s subway train. Nadeshiko receives a text from Ayano and Rin. She learns she won’t see them until the evening, so she plans to enjoy her solo endeavor to the fullest. Next, we see Ayano and Rin arriving at Sesso Park’s parking lot near Lake Sesso. The two get off their bikes and head somewhere. While on foot, they notice a sign. 

They learn if they keep progressing they’ll arrive at the Yappashi Trail Love Romance Road and Sessokyo Hot Springs Station. Rin and Ayano continue progressing and stop at the sight of a large suspension bridge. Rin notices a sign and it says they must traverse through eight more bridges. Ayano and Rin keep traveling and encounter another sign. 

This one gives the girls two options. They’ll arrive at the Yappashi Trail Love Romance Road if they go left. However, going right will lead them toward the Minami-Alps Yunesco Park. The two decide to head right and encounter multiple bridges. Each bridge has a different design and obstacle for the girls to overcome. 

Eventually, they arrive at the park but notice they only crossed seven bridges instead of eight. After that, we return to following Nadeshiko and she’s made it to Senzu Station. However, Nadeshiko learns she made it early. Nadeshiko visits several Senzu spots, trying out multiple delectable meals. She notices the time and heads to Senzu Station’s train. Nadeshiko says this train will take her to Ikawa.

The episode closes with Nadeshiko looking under a nearby suspension bridge. 

The Episode Review

This episode of Laid-Back Camp gives fans two different journeys to follow. One features Ayano and Rin while the other highlights Nadeshiko’s travels. While fans will enjoy seeing Nadeshiko eat delicious snacks and comment on the scenery around her, others will gravitate toward Ayano and Rin’s endeavors. This excursion offers a richer experience and does a fine job of building upon Ayano and Rin’s companionship. 

From the pair’s photoshoot experiences to their bridge-crossing expeditions, fans will admire Ayano and Rin’s interactions during these scenarios. Moreover, this episode gives Ayano minor depth regarding her wonderful observational skills and environmental know-how. Considering we didn’t receive much of her in the second season, these snippets were highly appreciated. 

For the most part, the visuals and animation looked compelling. Yet, like previous episodes, some aspects in this one looked stiff and unfinished. The CGI used for several characters like Rin and Ayano looked awkward (at times). Also, there was a moment when one of Nadeshiko’s hands looked blurred and unpolished. These instances aside, episode 3 had imagery that’ll leave fans bedazzled.

Overall, this was another enjoyable, comfy, and funny chapter of Laid-Back Camp Season 3. 

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