Laid-Back Camp – Season 3 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Laid-Back Camp Season 3 starts with Aoi telling Chiaki that she arrived early because one of her Takayama relatives wanted to give her something special. One week earlier, Aoi’s aunt, who we assume is the Takayama relative she spoke of earlier, called her. Aoi’s aunt tells Aoi she picked up a bike that can be used for camping trips or other needs. 

Aoi asks her aunt if she can have the bike. Aoi’s aunt tells Aoi she can have it ready by the first and ends the call. Aoi checks her phone and remembers her cherry blossom trip with Chiaki and the others are set for the day after the first. Aoi and Akari (Aoi’s younger sister) greet their aunt when she arrives at their place. Aoi’s aunt gives Aoi her bike’s equipment. She tells Aoi to ask her father (Tatsuo) for help if she needs it and departs. 

Aoi and Akari examine the bike. The former takes it for a test ride to the convenience store. While riding, Aoi tries to adjust to the bike’s speed, brakes, gears, and other things. Aoi arrives at the store but wants to go farther. Therefore, Aoi rides through numerous locales and arrives at Minobu Station to get some buns. There, Aoi reflects on what Chiaki and the others are doing today. 

Aoi examines her bike and decides to embark on the cherry blossom camping trip location a day early. Aoi shows Chiaki her bike and decides to head home before nightfall. However, Aoi realizes she has a flat tire and doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, Minami visits a butcher shop and wonders how much meat portions and other ingredients she should get for the cherry blossom camping trip. 

Next, we return to following Chiaki and Aoi. Aoi tells Chiaki Tatsuo will pick her up later. Aoi and Chiaki decide to eat and chat until then. Chiaki notices Aoi’s bike doesn’t have a kickstand and Aoi explains why. Chiaki gives Aoi the paracord bracelet she made in episode 10. The former says the latter can use it to keep the bike’s brakes stable. Chiaki says it’ll prevent Aoi’s bike’s tires from moving. 

The two continue marveling at the beautiful sites in front of them. While doing so, Aoi searches for homemade paracord bracelets online. Aoi learns people can sell these bracelets for 1,000 yen a piece, much to Chiaki’s astonishment. Then, we return to following Sakura, Rin, and Nadeshiko. The three arrive at the Tenryuzan Jiunji Temple and Nadeshiko takes several selfies of herself there. 

While scrolling through her phone, Rin confronts Nadeshiko about Nadeshiko’s cherry blossom photos. Then, the gang eats delicious pudding and discusses retro trains and stations. Then, Rin notices Nadeshiko photographed Oigatayaki and says she stumbled upon that sight during one of her moped rides. Rin takes Sakura and Nadeshiko to the location where she occasionally sees Oigatayaki. 

Then, the three discuss the history and local festivities surrounding Oigatayaki and Toriiyaki. Rin enlightens Nadeshiko on what she and her family did around the Oigatayaki during Spring. Then, the three see a fire nearby and take in the gorgeous site. Rin bids Sakura and Nadeshiko farewell. Before those two depart, Rin tells Sakura to keep her eye out for a Daimonjiyaki occurring tonight as they drive home. 

While in the car, Sakura tells Nadeshiko to look to the left for the Daimonjiyaki. Nadeshiko sees it and snaps a photo. Sakura and Nadeshiko take a detour and stop somewhere. Sakura informs Nadeshiko that Rin lied. They saw an Omonjiyaki not a Daimonjiyaki. Nonetheless, Nadeshiko says she could’ve taken a better photo if they were farther away. 

Sakura takes Nadeshiko up on that claim and says they can try again next year. Then, we cut away to Aoi and Tatsuo arriving home. Aoi chats with him about her bike and tells Tatsuo her aunt told her about his biking skills. Tatsuo’s father says he didn’t ride bikes like the one Aoi’s riding. The episode closes with Aoi realizing her aunt lied because it’s April Fools Day. 

The Episode Review

After Aoi’s surprise arrival at Aki’s camping site, it was fitting for her to explain herself in this episode. Despite having minor biking experience, Aoi experienced the joys of biking and the wonderful luxuries it gives people. At the same time, fans will adore knowing that Chiaki’s bracelet-making fiasco held significance after all. Not only does it give Aoi something to hold her bike up, but it can be a useful tool to help Chiaki earn cash in the future. 

Chiaki and Aoi aside, this episode offers viewers more value with Nadeshiko, Sakura, and Rin’s outing. From their “laidback” chats to their authentic sightseeing endeavors, fans will enjoy the scenarios the series’s creator put our characters in. History buffs will enjoy the intel about the Oigatayaki and Torriyaki events while the anime’s casual crowd will enjoy the relatable content stored in this chapter from sightseeing to biking. 

It’s scenarios like these that make Laid-Back Camp a joy to watch. Even if it’s not the most intricately-written anime on planet Earth, fans can’t help but gawk and appreciate the calming and genuinely moving segments inserted in chapters like this one. On top of having beautiful visuals and a fitting soundtrack, this was a great episode of Laid-Back Camp Season 3!

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