Laid-Back Camp – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Chikuwa, Trains, Chiaki’s Solo Campin

Episode 10 of Laid-Back Camp Season 3 starts with Rin going for a stroll in Lake Agiha Park. She notices several cats along the way and attempts to take photos of them. However, Rin fails and continues exploring the park. Meanwhile, Nadeshiko and Sakura rest somewhere. There, they reflect on Nadeshiko’s college endeavors and Sakura’s life after she finishes college. 

Then, Nadeshiko sends Ena a text about her and her sister’s cherry blossom adventure. Ena and Chikuwa sit at a bench in Fujiwara Park and toy around with each other. Then, Chiaki texts Rin and tells her she arrived at her destination early to pick out a spot for her, Ena, and the others for the future. Also, Chiaki is currently embarking on a solo camping adventure. 

After that, a female artist stumbles upon Ena and Chikuwa. She draws them and laughs. Then, Ena wakes up and confronts the female artist about her drawing skills, equipment, and other things. Ena draws a little on the artist’s tablet, notices she’s almost late for work, and bids the artist farewell. Then, we see the artist’s friend text the artist. Through their exchange, we learn the female artist is named Ema. 

Then, Ema’s friend arrives and the two discuss Ema’s plans for high school. Ema says she’d join this high school’s illustration club if they have one. However, her friend says she never heard of a club like that. Therefore, Ema says she plans to continue drawing and hopefully make enough cash to buy a proper drawing tablet. Ema’s friend hopes she can find something to strive for like Ema.

After that, we see Rin driving around a specific area. During this trip, Rin stops and reflects. She recalls a time when she and her family took in a view. Then, we see Nadeshiko’s and Rin’s group visiting more locations. Rin receives a new text from Nadeshiko. In it, Nadeshiko sent Rin a selfie of her by a retro train. Sakura informs Nadeshiko about the Yokokawa Railway Museum which is known for carrying retro trains. 

Nadeshiko wants to visit that location since it’s near her planned destination. Rin joins Nadeshiko and Sakura seconds later. Next, we cut away to Chiaki exploring the Nanbu Ide Campsite. Chiaki sets up camp somewhere and starts cooking herself a meal and working on a paracord bracelet. Then, a random stray cat visits Chiaki at her campsite. 

Chiaki feeds the cat some apple scraps and takes a selfie of herself with it. She sends the photo to Aoi and Aoi notices she’s having a fun time on her solo camping trip. Then, Chiaki visits the hot springs near her. She overhears someone familiar nearby and discovers Aoi arrived early. The episode closes with Aoi and Chiaki chatting at the hot springs. 

The Episode Review

We’re nearing Laid-Back Camp Season 3’s conclusion and edging closer to the group’s eventual cherry blossom extravaganza. Before then, this episode updates viewers on what everyone’s doing before the sightseeing event occurs. From Ena and Chikuwa’s lackadaisical outings to Nadeshiko and Sakura’s retro train admiring affairs, fans will enjoy seeing everyone get time in the spotlight here. 

Moreover, this episode casually introduces Ema and her friend into the narrative. It gives viewers some insight into Ema’s goals, personality, and connections, but doesn’t dabble too much into who she is as a person. Nevertheless, people will cherish seeing her and Ena interact pleasantly with each other. Also, this episode features Chiaki embarking on an actual solo camping trip. 

Since the other camping trip we saw her embark on this season was one of surrealist intent, it’s refreshing seeing her experience things in real-time. From the random stray cat who came across her campsite to her unexpected meeting with Aoi in the hot springs, folks will enjoy seeing Laid-Back Camp’s narrative give Chiaki something to do. 

Overall, this was an okay episode of Laid-Back Camp. It offers some moments of introspection and authenticity and will surely entice folks to explore their surroundings more to discover something new. At the same time, it offers more of the same and doesn’t deliver anything too refreshing to spice up the storyline. 

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