Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 9 “Going, Going, Gone” Recap & Review

Going, Going, Gone

Episode 9 of Lady Voyeur starts by taking us back 13 years ago. There was a pool party at Victoria’s house and Diana asked Zoe to take a video. Heitor and Helena were trying to get back together but he was afraid of Bernardo. Contrary to what everyone thought, Bernardo and Diana were not having an affair. This explains why Luisa is not Bernardo’s daughter. Shockingly, Fernando and Bernardo were lovers!

Emilio and Victoria wanted to fix a marriage between Diana and Bernardo. This was a deal as Bernardo’s father had accepted a business partnership. Diana refused and that’s when Victoria busted out letting Diana know she was adopted. In her quest to calm down, Diana made a sexual move towards Fernando and they had sex. Unfortunately, Bernardo busted them.

Knowing that Bernardo might ruin their lives, Diana decides to drown Bernardo in the swimming pool. All this happened under Fernando’s watch. Was he the one filming the video? Things are getting more interesting. Now it’s clear Fernando knew who killed his lover Bernardo, yet he’s working with Miranda to incriminate Heitor.

At the present time, Luisa and her boyfriend plan to elope. Fernando later discovers Luisa’s message and he and Heitor set out to find her.  They are later found at Miranda’s apartment and she asks Heitor to be patient with the children.

In the meantime, Miranda realizes that she can’t trust anyone, so she opts to help the police find the truth. She meets with the detective and she overhears that there will be another sex party. This time it will be held at one of Heitor’s properties. She insists on going to the party as a spy for the police.

Miranda goes to the sex party to help the detectives uncover the truth.  The police are following closely with the hope of getting hold of the alleged sex traffickers that show up to these parties. Unfortunately, Miranda gets drugged and taken to the auction venue at the party where Victoria is. It seems this was Victoria’s plan. Heitor walks in and disrupts the party to rescue Miranda.

It is December 31st and Miranda feels free at last. She left Heitor and Fernando because they seem to have messed up her life. Her new year’s resolution is to ensure she doesn’t get hurt anymore. After the sex party went wrong, Victoria instructs Paulo to watch Miranda’s moves.

Fernando invites Heitor into his apartment, bursting out in anger and revenge. Fernando believes Heitor has always taken what belonged to him from Diana to Luisa, and now Miranda. He feels angrier after being incited by Victoria who pays him a visit before leaving for Europe. Fernando initiates a physical fight and points his gun at Heitor. In their scuffle, the gun goes off.

Cleo calls Miranda to inform her something bad has happened to Heitor and blames her. Going back to the first episode, we saw a hooded figure attacking Miranda, throwing her down the balcony.

Episode 9 ends when Otto (Lorenzo) is in an abandoned house with Miranda. Gloria comes in and is shocked to see Miranda tied up to a chair. Shortly, Paulo comes in, unties Miranda and kills Otto.  He takes her to a car waiting outside where Cleo is waiting. Miranda is shocked to learn her old neighbour is behind her kidnapping.

The Episode Review

This episode dropped many twists and we are still trying to grasp it all. Bernando and Fernando sleeping together was one thing we didn’t see coming!

It is hard to tell who got hurt between Fernando and Heitor when the gun went off. I hope Fernando gets shot. The more we learn about him, the more diabolical he comes off.

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