Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 8 “Rock Bottom is The Hottest Place” Recap & Review

Rock Bottom is The Hottest Place

Episode 8 of Lady Voyeur starts on January 9th with Miranda inside a box being buried alive by Paulo. Upon breaking out, she sees Victoria laughing sarcastically. Miranda hits her and runs for her life. Who could have thought Victoria can be behind all these?

Back at Prado Hotel, everyone is surprised to know that Cleo is Victoria’s daughter. It’s more surprising that Fernando and Heitor have both slept with Cleo, presumably as “clients.”  Victoria promises to repay all the harm and damage she caused to her “daughter” Ana.

Miranda and Fernando feel Cleo was using them to collect some information, probably instructed by Victoria.

In the meantime, Rita confronts Heitor for hitting her new-found love, Rafael. She insists that Miranda leaves with her but she refuses. Miranda follows her to calm her down and Rita tells her that she needs to get a grip.  Heitor asks Miranda for a chance to prove he is not a monster.

Gloria feels worried about her son Lorenzo and thinks Victoria has a clue where he is. Shockingly, Otto who is Rita’s ex-boyfriend is the Lorenzo in question. It seems like every character is hiding behind a mask and have a dark secret.

Cleo tells Fernando and Miranda that she is terrified of Heitor. She claims she went through hell as it’s Heitor’s nature to test “products” before purchasing them. However, Cleo is hesitant to report Heitor to the police. She claims he might kill her. Contrary, Miranda has not yet found anything to implicate Heitor. So she wonders if Victoria and Cleo are behind a conspiracy to ruin Heitor.

It’s November 15 and Miranda feels she has entangled herself in people’s lives forgetting she has her life too. She is bothered by the fact that  Fernando knew about Cleo’s photos yet she hadn’t mentioned them to him. She also learns that Heitor was with the cops when the photos were taken. Who took those pictures?

In a frantic mood, Miranda’s grandmother calls her telling her she is in danger and to come to the elderly home. She heard something and wants to explain it in person. Miranda hurriedly makes her way to her.

Unfortunately, when she arrives at the elderly care home, her nana is already dead. She plunges into grief, isolating herself alone for over a month. Nonetheless, Heitor manages to convince her to go out for some relief.

He takes her to the beach house he used to visit as a kid.  At the beach, Miranda lets her guard down and sleeps with Heitor. She questions whether she can trust Heitor.  Heitor tells her about how controlling his mom was. She used love as an excuse to get her way with him and when it failed she committed suicide in front of him. Heitor confesses he has never felt love again and to him, love feels like a weapon.

Miranda asks him if he killed Diana and he gets offended that she still doesn’t trust him. Miranda tells him that she doesn’t believe Fernando. She reveals to Heitor she found nothing when she investigated him. Heitor gets angrier to learn that she has been investigating him and asks for them to go back to the city.

Back in the city, Fernando realizes that Miranda is gone from her house. He thinks she is with Heitor who is also not at work or answering his phone. He is determined not to let him have Miranda. When Miranda is dropped home by Heitor, she finds Fernando waiting for her.

Ines and Nina start working together after their boss gave the order. Nina thinks Ines is there to supervise her. Ines points out it has been over two months and the case has not been solved. Nina has no choice but to work with Ines even though she hates it. Ines asks Nina to let her talk to Miranda as it looks like she knows more than she is letting on.

Otto manages to sneak into Rita’s apartment, telling her he loves her more than Rafael does. Luckily, she manages to kick him out before he can hurt her.

As this episode ends, we are taken back to January 9 when Miranda is running away from Victoria. She stops a car for help only to see Rita’s photo on the dashboard mirror. She is attacked by the driver and he drives off with her. She wakes up tied to a church and  Otto is standing over her.

The Episode Review

This show keeps revealing new secrets in each episode but new questions creep up with each reveal. The show feels like a soap opera, where conspiracy and love entanglements thrive.

Some of the twists are predictable but some of them we didn’t see coming. How is Otto / Lorenzo involved in this? I’m sure we’ll find out soon!

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