Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Year I Lived Two Lives” Recap & Review

The Year I Lived Two Lives

Episode 1 of Lady Voyeur season 1 starts on New Year’s Eve with Miranda agonizing over the fact she has fallen in love with two men. She’s emotional as she blames herself over what befell one of the men. A hooded figure attacks her, but the timeline takes us back through her life three months back when she met Fernando.

Miranda lives an interesting life of watching people without being seen. Her neighbour Cleo moved into an apartment whose window faces directly across her house. She’s ready to go to any length to peep into her neighbours by hacking the surveillance cameras.

It’s on Wednesday, October 1 Miranda hits 28 years. But she’s not willing to go out to celebrate her birthday because she is more eager to watch Cleo entertain her clients. As she claims, Cleo’s apartment has a weak surveillance system easy to get hacked by any tech-savvy.

Rita shows up at Miranda’s house, regaling her with stories about how her man makes their erotic escapades steamy. However, Miranda doesn’t like her new man because he keeps his profile low.

Later, Miranda visits her grandma, who’s suffering from Huntington, a rare, inherited disease. The progressive brain disorder leads to loss of cognition, emotional issues, and uncontrolled movements. Being an inherited disease means Miranda might have a 50% chance of having the same problem. However, she’s reluctant to take tests.

On October 8,  Cleo gets invited by a client to a hotel over the weekend. She cannot afford to lose such a golden opportunity and requests Miranda to dog-sit her “Barbie.” Well, this seems exciting! Perhaps this’s what Miranda has been waiting for.

Cleo’s apartment is full of sex toys, and Miranda wastes no time perusing all these enthralling paraphernalia. A few moments later, a client knocks, and she notifies him that Cleo is away. But the man seems to like her even more, implying that she’s sexier than Cleo.

Cleo’s meeting with Heitor at Prado Hotel gets interrupted by his wife, Diana. A confrontation ensues, and Heitor threatens to divorce her. However, Diana points out that she knows some dirty secrets about him which she can use in Court.

At Cleo’s apartment, Miranda has a steamy love-making session with  Cleo’s Friday client named Fernando Couto. He leaves soon after but returns because he forgot something.

Immediately after Fernando left, an older client came knocking. She cannot entertain him, but he begins forcing himself on her. Miranda tries fighting back, and luckily, Fernando comes back and helps her. With a single push, the man hits a table and falls to the ground dead.

Miranda starts from the shock of killing the man but Fernando calms her down. He comes up with a plan to wipe the man’s tracks from the apartment. He tells her to clean the apartment while he deals with the body. Miranda also wipes footage from the apartment’s surveillance cameras.

He leaves and later comes back to find Miranda on the brink of turning herself in. He pursued her to keep quiet and points out that he is an accomplice to the crime too. He opens up that this is not the first time he has covered up a crime.

Ostensibly, Fernando is Diana’s brother, and he confesses to having been a crime accomplice before. He’s working with Cleo to uncover dirt secrets about Heitor, whom he suspects is involved in sex trafficking. Miranda is ready to help Fernando by hacking Heitor’s computer to collect sensitive data. However, this might turn up to be a risky mission.

Fernando takes Miranda to meet Heitor, and surprisingly, she finds out that he’s the man she’s been admiring all along. The episode ends by ruminating about the beginning of the series, where a hooded character attacks Miranda, pushing her down.

The Episode Review

Episode one gives us a little glimpse into Miranda and the mission she’s about to undertake. It’s interesting for her to meet Fernando and Heitor, the men she both loves. But will the mission be too risky for her?

This episode leaves us in a suspenseful mood, eagerly waiting to see what unfolds in the next episode.

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