La Casa De Papel – Season 5 Episode 9 Recap & Review

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Episode 9 of La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) Season 5 begins with the Professor, Sierra and the others realizing they’ve been duped. Using pliers, the gang break free from their restraints. The Professor, after deciding not to use weapons, decides they should use them now as they remain dead-set on finding who has stolen their gold.

With the Professor out for blood, he communicates with Lisbon and the others, letting them know what’s happened. There are a few different locations they could be, and the Professor hurries up to an abandoned quarry first. using the trackers on the lorries. They arrive at a rundown and abandoned shantytown.

The lorries are empty, the gold gone and once again the Professor has been duped. With 90 tons of gold moved in 30 minutes, the Professor finally realizes that this was planned and not an improvised coup. Off the back of this, he knows who’s responsible too. Heading inside one of the houses, he notices cameras set up and a whole operation planned.

Using his brains (that have been sorely missing this season I must say) the Professor retraces the steps taken by Tatiana and Rafael. It would seem that they transferred the gear into open-top trucks, courtesy of a digger.

Thee Professor immediately communicates with those inside the bank. He decides to launch Plan Tom Thumb, with the end-goal being retrieving the gold no matter what. Unfortunately Denver and Stockholm have gone quiet, because of course they have. Lisbon though inevitably comes down to see them together, revealing the truth about the stolen gold.

Meanwhile, we finally learn what the end-goal here is with the soldiers. It turns out Sagasta has actuality tasked Arteche with opening up the place and serving as a Trojan horse. Her goal has never been to kill the others but instead to open the place up and allow the authorities to bust inside and completely destroy the fortress the robbers have secured for themselves.

As Lisbon communicates with the Professor he realizes that Rafael is using the same set of cards they are. Given their ties with Berlin, they’re obviously going to bee expecting the Professor to comb through thee CCTV cameras. After some deducing, the Professor realizes that the gold must have been buried. And that’s a pretty good guess, as we cut across to Tatiana and Rafael, who bury the gold and set up a quaint house above to give the perfect illusion.

Meanwhile, Tamayo organizes all of his soldiers to prepare themselves, intending to strike the heart of this bank. With the doctors on the inside obviously compromised and working with them, it all comes down to this.

Arteche descends from the vents, just as our injured Spanish soldier begins to stage a seizure. After Palermo frees the fake doctors from their binds, they turn the tide, grab weapons of their own and outsmart Palermo and Helsinki.

Sagasta takes charge and with the rest of the gang preoccupied with their own melodrama, they let their guards down and find themselves captured at the hands of Tamayo and the others. The jig is up. The Colonel has secured the bank.

Tamayo marches into the bank, strutting his stuff, and immediately uses Lisbon’s radio to communicate with the Professor. He slams on the brakes and stops. He promised the gang that if they were captured, he’d go down with them in handcuffs. And that’s exactly what he plans to do.

With the heist over and no other choice, the Professor decides to hand himself in. Just before he goes, he hands over the reigns of the operation to Alicia. It’s now up too her to find the gold and team up with Benjamin and the others to do so. Alicia and the Professor say their goodbyes as the latter leaves.

With soldiers lining the pavement, the Professor walks willingly through them all, never blinking or changing his gaze, as he walks toward the bank. Numerous protestors line the streets, applauding his role in all this, as the doors to the bank are thrown open and the Professor awaits his fate.

The Episode Review

The operation is hanging by a thread, but we all knew it would come down to the wire. That much is especially true when it comes to this recent episode, as the gang are split in two directions. On the one hand you have the gold itself, stolen from under their noses by the most unlikely source.

At the same time, we have the soldiers inside the bank, which have been serving as the Trojan horse all this time, unlocking doors and waiting for the opportune time to strike. Well, that time arrives and our robbers are all duped, partly because they’ve all decided to split up at the worst possible moments.

Despite that though, am extended final episode looks set to see all of our big plot points come together in dramatic fashion. Quite what that means for our characters remains to be seen, and it’s unclear whether everyone will survive by the end.

Either way though, it’s the end of an era as the final episode of La Casa De Papel is upon us!

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