La Casa De Papel – Season 5 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Wishful Thinking

Episode 7 of Money Heist Season 5 begins with soldiers rushing into Tamayo’s apartment, charging up the stairs and ready to take the Professor and Sierra out. With little Victoria crying, the pair are sure to be caught soon.

Tamayo orders a 2km perimeter around his apartment and demands the soldiers stay vigilant. He’s even called in the army to get involved too.

During all this commotion, the Professor and Sierra work together and in the few seconds that they’ve been working on the plan, Victoria stops crying and falls soundly asleep. She doesn’t seem to make a noise as they rappel down the side of the building and through the kitchen. Well, that’s lucky isn’t it!

Anyway, as the soldiers take to the streets and begin looking for the pair, they completely ignore Alicia while she’s wearing sunglasses and the Professor, who slip inside an apartment complex. Checking the post for the different properties, they settle on picking the lock to Apartment 2B, given the sheer amount of post they’ve left.

The place is thankfully empty, at least for now, as the army start to search from place to place.

During the obligatory Berlin and Professor flashbacks, Berlin goes over his plan to turn 90 tons of gold to grains of rice, taking them through the pressure pumps he gained from the oil-station extraction heist last episode. The Professor is concerned, unsure whether these tanks can withstand that much pressurized gold. Berlin clings to “hopeful science” and promises that no one will take away his enthusiasm for this project.

Back in the present, the gang are torn over what to do. Lisbon takes charge though and remains hopeful too that they can get the gold out. This burst of passion allows Palermo to regain his enthusiasm for the mission at hand. As we soon see, he was actually instrumental to the mission to get the gold through the extraction pumps.

Meanwhile, the Professor and Sierra hide inside a sofa, stapling up the insides. Victoria serves as the perfect plot device, not crying during the most tense moments but making noises or crying hysterically every other time. What a clever baby! Anyway, soldiers all enter the room and find the place is clear… despite a close call with Victoria letting out a little cry.

With the soldiers gone, the pair end up eating dinner together; an awkward, uncomfortable meeting of two people who are both sworn to their own morals and ideals. “I’m not gunna let you down.” The Professor promises, deciding to do right by Victoria. A thin truce is enabled between them.

Back in the bank, Palermo rallies thee troops and has Bogota and his men scooping up buckets of the gold and moving them into the drain pipes. Using a pressure regulator and the “Stormwater tank”, their plan to move the gold out the bank looks set to kick into high-gear.

On the other side of the tank are the Professor’s men. Benjamin stands waiting, as the grains of gold finally release and come out the other side. Palermo’s calculations were correction and now Jermaine can turn this back into ingots.

However, the guys are not out of the woods just yet. Between Denver’s conflicted love triangle involving Stockholm, to Helsinki refusing to take on anesthetic, the surviving soldiers remain lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.

The Professor finally communicates with Benjamin though, setting up a call with Shakir, his support in Asia. With the operation in full swing, Benjamin continues to work hard to make the gold ingots, working tirelessly through the night to make sure this operation is a success.

Now, part of that includes seizing a garbage truck and busting the Professor and Sierra to safety, hiding inside bins to make their way outside the military blockages and returning  to the helm of this operation. We’re back. And with Alicia by his side too, the operation looks set to be a success… but is there another twist in the tale to come?

The Episode Review

That’s better! La Casa de Papel returns with a much better follow-up episode, one that gets back to the heist at hand with some flashbacks that actually feel integral and important to the story. Seeing more of Palermo and how he ties into all of this specifically, is definitely one of the highlights.

La Casa De Papel seems to have shaken off its Tokyo hangover now, and with three episodes left of this season, it’s full steam ahead for a dramatic conclusion to this wildly popular Spanish series. While these later seasons haven’t touched the brilliance of the first two or three, there’s enough here to like nonetheless. Roll on the next chapter!

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