La Casa De Papel – Season 5 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of La Casa De Papel Season 5 starts with our motley gang together in the bank, symbolically throwing away their Dali masks. Unarmed and barefoot, the gang head outside – with Lisbon in front of them all – showing a white flag of surrender to Tamayo. Will he take up the call?

With armed guards at the ready, Tamayo growls at his soldiers to arm themselves and prepare for an assault. Angel though, encourages the Colonel to head up and speak to Lisbon and the others in person. Well, in doing so he learns that Gandia is in a rough way and needs urgent medical attention. If he’s not seen to soon he’s going to be permanently paralyzed.

Lisbon realizes that Tamayo doesn’t have the Professor and decides to let Gandia go to buy them some time. Only, Bogota is not in the mood to let that happen. After Nairobi’s death, it’s hardly surprising that it’s come to this. In fact, while the girls talk terms and make a deal with Tamayo, Bogota and Gandia end up squaring off in a fistfight. As things look set to end with Bogota killing Gandia, Tokyo jumps in to stop him at the last second and talks the man out of killing Gandia.

Unfortunately, Arturo uses this moment to act like the hero. Honestly, anyone else really, really hate this guy? Anyway, he grabs a machine gun along with a handful of his cronies, spraying the room with a barrage of bullets. Among those hit is Denver, who realizes what Arturo has done and races after him, despite sporting a bloodied arm gushing blood.

Now, a lot of Arturo’s angst has come about on account of the army. Unlike the police, they won’t hesitate to kill hostages and class it as “collateral damage”. With Sagasta about to take control of the situation for himself, that spells disaster for everyone in the bank.

Inside the bank though, pure chaos breaks out. Gunfire sprays the air as Arturo and his gang make it into the armory. Uh oh. Things get pretty chaotic, with Arturo taunting the gang after throwing grenades down the hallway. In fact, he even manages to use a flamethrower too, pinning the gang down because why not, I guess.

Meanwhile, Sierra starts a video-stream, demanding the Professor to speak up and reveal all. Out the corner of his eye, he notices Marseille on the cameras show up with Benjamin. As the Professor calls out for them, Sierra ends up injecting him with something that knocks the mastermind out cold.

Benjamin and Marseille head into the hideout, with the former deciding to go to the toilet in the middle of all this. In doing so, Sierra injects Marseille and knocks him out too. Benjamin meanwhile, decides to slide his gun out and give up without a fight as Sierra fires and narrowly misses his head.

While Arturo sprays the hallway with fire, the army make their move and prepare to enter the building. In doing so though, Bogota throws Gandia out the front door, wearing a Dali mask and attached with a canister of Fentanyl.

Meanwhile, Arturo abandons reason for madness, deciding to exact revenge against Denver. He antagonizes the man, but with bullets aplenty and time running out, Stockholm manages to get behind Arturo through the vents and holds him up at gunpoint. As they talk, Monica fires twice, ending Arturo’s plight.

The Episode Review

Is Arturo dead? God I hope so. This guy has been the personification of a small stone stuck in a shoe since season 1. Now it seems like he’s met his demise, which is pretty fitting given it’s Monica who pulls the trigger.

Meanwhile, Denver’s injuries look pretty bad while Gandia’s release spells big trouble for all of our thieves inside the bank. It certainly looks like things are going to take a very dramatic turn in the upcoming episodes, and with half a season still to come in December it’s anyone’s guess what’s going to happen next.

What’s particularly annoying here though is how outrageous and exaggerated things become. This whole Arturo subplot has felt like an annoying distraction from what’s happening outside the bank while Sierra managing to outsmart and capture Benjamin, Marseille and the Professor feels like complete overkill too.

Still, an action-packed chapter comes to a close with lots of drama and a big ol’ cliffhanger ready for the next episode. However, much like season 4 this one is starting to feel worn out and overplayed.

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