La Casa De Papel – Season 3 Episode 8 (The Finale) “Astray” Recap & Review


El Final

The finale of La Casa De Papel’s third season begins with Raquel and The Professor having a heart to heart over the radio where he tells her he loves her. The classical score from earlier in the season is then replaced with Electronica as the Professor gives the nod to activate the Alcatraz Plan. Machinery whirs to life in the tunnels as the crew begin to set into motion their escape.

With 10 million Euros at stake, Raquel is found at the farm and held to gunpoint by the farmers. After a stand-off she drops the gun and succumbs to them.

Meanwhile Tokyo threatens the whole operation after wallowing in self pity over Rio. After almost fumbling over the entire gold stash, given she’s blind drunk, she’s escorted back upstairs by Denver where we learn more about the plan they have in store. The Professor’s trickery comes into play here as he formulates a plan to make it seem like they’re all escaping. They attach a Geo-Location sensor to a ferret and concoct an elaborate plan with sound effects prompting the military to head underground, suspecting they’re escaping via a tunnel. However, they find a ferret dressed in a red Dali outfit instead and realize they’ve been played.

Red-faced and angry, the police counter-attack and hit them with their plan. Sierra approaches the bank with a blue teddy bear and an agenda. Miguel is forced outside to pick it up before they head in and find Nairobi clearly rattled by the bear. Inside it’s fur is a phone and a strange bag of red items. The phone rings almost immediately prompting Nairobi to curse and hang up before storming off with the bear tightly gripped in her hand, stopped momentarily by Palermo who gets a gun to the face for his troubles.

She heads off and after an emotional talk with Stockholm, we learn about the bear’s significance with her son. Another phone call with Sierra tips her over the edge, as she learns her son is with the police detective outside. Nairobi compels herself to stand by the window where she sees her son again. Unfortunately, the police have permission to fire and Nairobi is shot in the chest. With the group distracted, the army mobilize and begin to surround the bank with tanks and heavy artillery while Raquel pleads for her life as the farmers give up her location. Raquel is killed and as the gunshots ricochet in The Professor’s ears, he calls for the troops to begin war.

An armoured truck approaches the entrance of the bank as Nairobi fades in Helsinki’s arms. A dual blast from RPG’s turn the vehicle into a fiery inferno as the police watch on in horror. Only, it turns out Raquel isn’t actually dead and The Professor falls for his own trap, much to the delight of Sierra. As the screen fades to black, we’re left on an almighty cliffhanger where we’re left to ponder quite what will happen next. 

If I’d wager a guess, I’d imagine this one will end on a bittersweet note, perhaps with everyone dead except for Tokyo; a cruel twist of fate given she instigated all the events this season. Having said that though, one thing’s for certain – part 4 of La Casa De Papel feels like it’s going to explode in a flurry of action and gunfire. We saw some of that here but I do hope Netflix finish this one after the fourth part. I’m not quite sure how the streaming giants could drag this story out any further although if I’m honest, the third season has still been an enjoyable ride, even if it is a wholly unnecessary one.

There’s a lot to chew through here, with The Professor seemingly tipped over the emotional edge and Raquel forced into police custody. Could Raquel betray everyone and reveal all the secrets? There’s a lot to discuss going into the next part but feel free to drop us a comment below if you have any theories or ideas over where Part 4 could go!


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3 thoughts on “La Casa De Papel – Season 3 Episode 8 (The Finale) “Astray” Recap & Review”

  1. Can we get rid og Tokyo, Arturito, and Rio.
    These characters are getting very annoying and does not even make sense in the story. She is so dumb and we can do etter with somebody with brains, like an IT person.
    I love Berlin, he is such a very engaging and a character with depth.
    I love his philosophy, I follow him and his words so very enlightening.
    I love him as the best actor in the series.

  2. Am so hurt to loose Nairobi she was my favorite I don’t know how the professor gets out of this now as he has began a war with the government.

  3. from my point of view, you will not be surprised if we come to learn that Raquel was playing The Professor all this time as she was under cover! It was planned all a long for her to rope herself into his life and take the chance that when the crew is all together she is the one that foils everything!

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