La Casa De Papel – Season 3 Episode 7 “A Quick Vacation” Recap & Review

The Penultimate Push

We begin the episode with the hostages released from the bank and given back; a fair exchange for bringing Rio back to the group. 3 days into the operation and floods of Dali-masked hostages are now free to go while Rio struts into the bank. Only, he’s got a wire on him and the police listen in on the reunion he has with the group. Sensing the upper-hand is theirs again, Sierra plans three separate ways to enter the bank. However, Arturos scrambles inside the bank where Stockholm makes sure he’s not wearing a wire. After some fiery words, Helsinki takes over.

Meanwhile Rio tells the team all about his ordeal. It’s a shocking, heartbreaking story and one that’s painstakingly broadcast across to the police as well. It feels like a set-up; a deliberate ploy to get the police to lower their guards. It turns out it is – and The Professor has a key word to use when they sense this has happened – which is “quick vacation”.

As Raquel and The Professor debate heatedly over whether Tokyo should have sex with Rio just to make it seem like they don’t know the police are listening, The Professor eventually tells Raquel to leave. She tells him she suspects this whole plan was revenge on the police but before they can go their separate ways, a drone flies over forcing them into the van and back on the road.

Meanwhile, Tokyo has her heart broken as an intended surgery to take the implant out of Rio turns into her lover revealing some home truths and admitting that they should break up. As they embrace one last time, the authorities catch wind that the drone has spotted The Professor and begin to track him down. The drone chases after them on the road, deep in the forest, before the duo set the ambulance up to continue driving before jumping out and running through the thick trees. While distracted, the police miss that Rio’s implant is removed inside the bank.

However, after all the commotion, The Professor’s plan doesn’t go exactly as they want. The Professor climbs a tree donning Camo gear and hides but Raquel isn’t so lucky. Unable to climb her tree, she hurries to a nearby farm and hides as the police close in. Angel rallies the troops and hundreds of police officers descend on the scene, ready to find and apprehend them.

As we reach the end game, La Casa De Papel delivers a really exciting episode, one that sees our characters face a lot of pressure and adversity along the way. With the foundations now set for a dramatic finale to follow, La Casa De Papel boasts a thrilling penultimate episode. This episode sees the group just about maintaining a level playing field with the police but going forward the bank crew may need a miracle to get out of this one alive.


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  1. Waste of resources by the Spanish police department. Sending out a few hundred cops and dogs to search for the professor. All they needed was a heatseeking binocular and they would have seen himin minutes, even if he sits way up in a tree, camo or not.

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