La Casa De Papel – Season 3 Episode 5 “The Red Boxes” Recap & Review


Alicia Sierra Enters The Game

After 4 episodes of cat and mouse shenanigans, La Casa De Papel returns and sees the group out of time. The doors to the bank automatically unlock and the group prepare themselves for the assault.

Smoke is launched into the building prompting Helsinki to man the machine gun while all the hostages, dressed in red coveralls and Dali masks, hit the balconies armed with machine guns. The rows of angry crowd members part for several armoured cars as they slowly make their way to the entrance of the bank. However, Denver throws a spanner in the works by heading out with a white rag to signify he surrenders. It’s a move that’s designed to throw the attack off as he holds one of the red boxes from the vault in his hand.

It turns out these red boxes hold massive state secrets and if released, could seriously damage the reputation for every high ranking official in Spain. Realizing it could topple the entire administration and potentially lead to civil unrest, the secret service call off their attack.

The Governor wakes up after being knocked out last episode with a bandage now wrapped around his head. Nairobi shows him the operation and how they’re burning the 52 gold ingots. Soon after, the group learn that Rio is back in Spain, having landed in a private jet.

Knowing they’re out of options, the authorities call on the help of unorthodox inspector Alicia Sierra who takes the reigns of the operation. She speaks to the Professor and Raquel on the phone and attempts to rile them up in a ploy to force mistakes. It works too as the phone call ends and Raquel realizes Sierra manipulated the Professor. Unable to accept this, he bites back and tells her Sierra went after her as she’s weak.

Back in the main atrium of the bank, Palermo heads out with the others but doesn’t take too kindly to being disrespected by one of the hostages. He smacks the man repeatedly until Denver grabs him and pulls him off. Palermo and Nairobi then have a serious falling out, resulting in her admitting her feelings to Helsinki. She tells him he has no courage and as things get emotional, she tells them to get back to work.

The see-saw ride of La Casa De Papel continues with the first signs of cracks forming in the team which threatens to offset the whole operation. The cat and mouse game between the Professor and the authorities is ultimately what keeps this one so entertaining and with the bank crew getting closer to bringing Rio back, who knows what’s in store for our group next.


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