La Casa De Papel – Season 3 Episode 3 “48 Meters Underground” Recap & Review


Stealing Gold

With the bank now sealed up, La Casa De Papel returns for episode 3 which sees Tokyo and Nairobi forced to move the Governor but he refuses to budge from his office. As they sit and talk, Nairobi readies a gun while Tokyo heads to the toilet to calm her nerves. Only, its actually a play for the Governor to let his guard down and Tokyo bursts out the door, holding him up at gunpoint. Unfortunately, Nairobi lets her guard down and winds up captured too. After a brief skirmish, they manage to make it free and head for the elevator.

Back in the main lobby, Palermo reveals his true identity to the group of hostages huddled closely together in the main atrium. He ditches the army gear for his preferable red coveralls and announces that he’s the one orchestrating the attack. The crowd are forced to hand in their phones, just as the guards swarm the main atrium. A gunfight ensues soon after that sees the entire place erupt into a flurry of gunfire thanks to a Browning machine gun.

Unfortunately, in the ensuing chaos Palermo gets hit. After patching him up, the group grab 4 people to help them before descending down in the elevator to the main vault below. Once there, they discuss how to break in which includes an audacious plan to burn the vault door down. Of course, this triggers the water into the room and in doing so, a diver will enter with only 16 minutes before the water floods the entire room. Bogota refuses to put the oxygen tanks on and instead gets to work welding. The plan ultimately results in an inter-connecting antechamber used to get the gold ingots out. After a successful welding job, Nairobi heads across the chamber and together with Bogota they marvel at the beauty of the submerged treasure room.

With more action this time around and the beginning cogs of the operation beginning to turn, La Casa De Papel does well to turn up the tension whilst injecting some good action in the meantime. After two episodes of build up, La Casa De Papel settles into its familiar role with the authorities closing in on them at the bank. With the people now on their side, an interesting dynamic forms with the hostages. Unlike last time, this heist sees some of the civilians join their cause which certainly opens up some intrigue going forward.

While the action does overshadow some of the characterization, there’s enough here to make for a very enjoyable and tense episode nonetheless.


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  1. I didnt get where does the interconnecting chamber comes from? Was it part of the heist plan? If yes, when did they make it and put it there?
    Or if it was there by government as part of the original vault equipment, then what was the reason to have it there? 🙂

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