Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 18 Recap & Review

The Dragon Knights – Part 1

Episode 18 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with Po explaining their situation and also proposing which includes a distraction. Blade agrees to volunteer.

On land, the armies of England and China line up. Just then, Colin arrives to deliver the message from Po, telling them to initiate their march. Dark clouds and thunder cover the sky as House Landrith appears. Alfie learns about the march and sends his Dark Army to interfere.

The Dragon Knights prepare for their attack. Po gives Blade a pep talk. Akna and Rukmini craft a dual-bladed battle sword, and Blade is very excited to take it to battle. The Dragon Knights get ready and Rukmini orders the large rock monster to hurl them towards Alfie. Entering the sky, they open the wings created by Akna and head towards House Landrith.

Meanwhile, on land, the two armies face off as they pretend to initiate the war. Po lands on the battlefield right before the Dark Army spawns. Master Mastodon swears to destroy the aggressors, but Ping and Forouzan blame each other for being the aggressors. Master Mastodon realizes there is no fight, but the Queen and the Emperor claim their armies are ready for war.

Meanwhile, Blade, Rukmini, Akna, and Klaus reach Landrith. Blade walks into the house while Klaus and the others sneak in. During this, Po awaits Rukmini to play her part. Lady Lucinda finds the crew sneaking in and urges them to leave, while Blade tries to convince Alfie to give up.

As Blade tries to distract Alfie, Akna lowers Rukmini to snatch the sword. Just then, Alfie tells Blade that he knows their plan and uses the wind helmet to lift all of them up. The Dark Army begins to approach the armies and attack them. Alfie takes the four of them and hangs them over the edge of the floating landform, threatening to drop them.

Just then, Lady Lucinda approaches him from behind and grabs his sword. This brings a stop to the Dark Army, and the battle stops. Akna, Rukmini, and Klaus manage to scramble back to safety. Alfie snatches the sword back but Akna swoops in and grabs the helmet. This causes the entire land to begin falling to the ground.

Since Mastodon regains consciousness, Po takes him to the rock monster to hurl them into the sky. Alfie uses the sword to zap Akna, who takes back the helmet. Just then, Rukmini snatches the whip and attempts to attack Alfie. He picks her up using the wind magic and slams her against the wall to reclaim the whip. Klaus distracts Alfie by throwing blades, while Blade takes the opportunity to snatch the storm wheel.

A lightning battle breaks out as Alfie and Blade cruise through the sky at lightning speed. Alfie manages to slam Blade onto the ground and charge at her. Just then, Master Mastodon arrives and punches him in the head while Po punches him. Blade attempts to strike Alfie with lightning but he uses the gauntlet to punch the ground and repel the lightning. He then uses the wind helmet to snatch the storm wheel from Blade.

Regaining all the weapons, Alfie regains control of Mastodon and the Dark Army.

The Episode Review

The final battle of the series begins with episode 18 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3, and the action sequences are nothing short of jaw-dropping. The action is swift, and the strategy is extremely tactical. The combination makes for the perfect final battle.

With that being said, the action isn’t consistent given a certain degree of critical thinking. The storm wheel and wind helmet are simply overpowered and using its abilities it’s almost impossible to steal another weapon. There are several things Alfie could have done all along and left no possibility for the Dragon Knights to fight back. This however isn’t a major drawback as ignoring these nitpicks, the action is quite electric.

The episode finally shows us some action from Po, but it is still lacking the Kung Fu flare to it. It has a lot of focus on Blade which isn’t a negative point. But given the name of the show, it is something that has to be lived up to. The episode ends with Alfie regaining control of all the weapons as the Dragon Knights watch after multiple failed attempts.

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