Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 17 Recap & Review

The Beginning of the End

Episode 17 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with Klaus trying to focus his powers to reveal where the lost city is, however, he isn’t able to concentrate. Blade and Po decide that if anything goes wrong with the current plan they will fight him themselves. However, Blade doesn’t agree as she is unable to lay a hand on her own brother. She demonstrates this by asking Po to punch her.

Alfie questions his mother about where they could take Klaus, but she denies having any knowledge.

Meanwhile, Klaus meditates, unlocks his magic, and sweeps a leaf through the wind. The Dragon Knights follow him to a group of villagers discussing a huge monster that had blocked their food supply route, leaving them to starve.

Po and the Dragon Knights ask one of the villagers about the monster and request that she take them to it. As soon as they arrive, the rock monster gets infuriated and begins to hurl boulders at them. Kemanzi decides to stay and follow them into the rock monster with the intention of figuring out how to make it move. 

The team dodges the boulders and enters through the foot opening Po had created with the gauntlet. Entering the monster, Po gets terrified by a couple of skeletons and goes berzerk. Rukmini reassures him that the skeletons are inactive while the whip is not in use. 

Klaus once again tries to meditate but is unable to summon the ancient masters. Rukmini advises him to attempt to meditate by the Statue of the Lost City. The group begins their journey towards the statue but is encountered by a huge gap connected by swinging vines. 

Unfortunately, the vines had broken the last time Po used them, but magically, the city begins to rumble, and a huge boulder falls in between the bridge and connects it. The group conveniently walks over the boulder and reaches the statue.

On their way to the statue, Kemanzi compliments Rukmini about the moss people, but Rukmini explodes, insulting the place and kicking down the moss people. The entire city again begins to rumble as if it is about to collapse. Her friends calm her down and tell her not to hurt her feelings. They urge her to apologize, and the city calms down once she does.

Upon reaching the statue, Klaus begins to meditate and brings the entire place to life. A vision of the ancient masters emerges. Po introduces himself, tells them about the adversity Earth faces, and asks for their help in destroying the weapons. 

Back at House Lanrith, Alfie stresses out about finding out where the Dragon Knights are and what plan they are up to. Just then, his mother finds a scroll lying on the floor. She picks it up and sees the plan they have made. Alfie spots her with it and inquires about the scroll. She tells Alfie that it is nothing but a noodle shop advertisement, but on checking, he realizes it is the plan designed by the Dragon Knights. Enraged, he sends his mother off to make tea.

The ancient masters explain the dangers of holding continents together and the imbalance it can cause in the elements. The masters tell them that they can destroy the weapons but will need all of them to work together. They also need Master Mastodon. Po and the others are faced with a predicament as Mastodon is in Alfie’s control. The group makes their way out of the rock monster.

Kemanzi tries to change Rukmini’s mind about the rock monster, but she is still bitter and resentful about the rock monster. Kemanzi pleads with her to command the rock monster to move and she successfully convinces Rukmini to try. Rukmini commands the rock monster to get up and move. Moments later, the rock monster gets out of the way, opening up the supply route. Later that night the villagers celebrate and show their gratitude for Rukmini’s actions.

Po has a discussion with Blade and attempts to convince her to fight. She uses the same excuse once again, saying she can’t fight her brother, just like Po can’t punch her. Just then Po unleashes a powerful punch and sends her flying. He tells her that they only need to strip Alfie of one weapon to get him to lose control of the ancient army and after that Master Mastodon will be free to join the other masters in destroying the weapons.

The Episode Review

Episode 17 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 finally completes the puzzle as Po and the others make their way to the rock monster, where Klaus is able to summon the Ancient Masters and put all the pieces together.

A major part of this episode is Rukmini, who revisits the place she was trapped in for 30 years. The trauma gets the best of her, and she rages at the rock monster, only to realize it has feelings and likes her.

The Dragon Knights face a new predicament when they realize they need all four of the masters to destroy the weapons. Unfortunately, Master Mastodon is under the control of Alfie, and the Dragon Knights realize they will have to ensure Alfie does not have possession of the weapons to free his spirit. 

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