Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 16 Recap & Review

A Teacup Filled with the Self

Episode 16 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 begins with the Dragon Knights trying to figure out how to get Klaus connected to his magical powers and be able to summon the ancient masters. Since they find their stomachs growling with hunger, they devise a plan that includes Po and Klaus training in isolation while the others head out and fetch some food.

Blade and the others forage for food. Colin chivalrously asks Blade if she would like wild berries and leaves in search of them. Akna brings it to Blade’s attention that Colin probably has a crush on her while Blade realizes his behavior.

Po and Klaus head into an empty room and begin to practice meditation. Po teaches Klaus everything about meditation just as his masters taught him. He also teaches Klaus to breathe and enter the road to self-realization. Klaus’ breathing terrifies Po, but Klaus explains that being from the streets of London he is chronically phlegmy. 

The two of them successfully enter Klaus’ mind but instantly get pulled into a memory. Po insists he think of nothingness to avoid falling into memories. The two realize they are in a memory associated with a butcher when Klaus hears his footsteps approaching. Just then, they see childhood Veruca bring them some change she had pickpocketed from the butcher. Klaus remembers exactly what he had told her and tells her to avoid pickpocketing.

Po insists they exit the memory, despite Klaus expressing how valuable it is to him. The two quarrel and blame each other for slipping into the memory. The two of them decide to try again.

Meanwhile, the girls discuss Colin’s crush on Blade. Just then they hear rustling among the bushes and a group of Chow-Chow dogs pop out and surround them while singing.

Unfortunately, Po and Klaus get sucked into another memory. This time, it is the memory of when Veruca got caught by the butchers. Po realizes a few leaves are floating while Klaus approaches the exact box Veruca is trapped in with no clue. Just as the butcher spots the two and approaches them, a vase unexpectedly falls on his head, saving the two. They are surprised and realize Veruca has the magical power to control plants. Klaus expresses his sorrow for losing Veruca.

Meanwhile, the villagers invite the girls over for mushroom soup and have weird conversations while telling them about a sketchy former priestess and certain uncontrollable urges. Just then, Colin enters the scene and begins to talk to Blade. The village women begin to strangely approach him and flock around him to check him out.

Blade and the others realize something isn’t right. Just then, Colin wipes a drop of sweat on a mushroom and the ladies pounce on it to devour it. They then turn to Colin again and approach him with a vicious expression.

Meanwhile, Po reassures Klaus that it is all right to drift off into memories and encourages him to do it again. Po makes him realize that Klaus miraculously found Veruca that day, and it was no coincidence. He encourages him to try it again and jump into another memory.

As they hop into the last memory, they enter the time it took Klaus years to find Veruca once she was in prison. Po realizes a whiff of wind and leaves floating on it. He points out to the leaves floating in the air and makes Klaus realize he is already connected to his wind magic powers and hasn’t realized it.

As the villagers approach Colin, he backs off and gets trapped in a rope that slings him upside down. Blade, Rukmini, and Akna quickly engage in combat to keep the villagers away from him. Blade stands against the villagers and exclaims that he is hers. Listening to this, the villagers quickly back off, and the group leaves with a trolley of mushrooms.

Realizing the connection with wind magic, Klaus attempts to summon the ancient masters as the wind creates a tornado of leaves around the room. Po is able to see the masters but is unable to speak or hear them. He, however, sees a picture of the giant rock monster and figures they are pointing him in that direction.

Accomplishing their mission, the group meets up and settles for dinner. Colin thanks Blade for saving him and Po delivers the good news on Klaus’ achievements and tells them about the signal to the large rock monsters. He explains he couldn’t hear as the magic there was too weak, but moving into the rock monster will magnify it and produce much better results.

The Episode Review

Episode 16 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 focuses on Klaus’ journey to learn meditation and to use nothingness to manifest his magical powers. Po helps him access his powers, but Klaus does it with a completely different method as he delves into memories and reveals he is already connected to his powers.

The chapter entails a beautiful revelation, as Klaus has always had his magical powers, and it’s only a matter of observation and noticing to know they were always active. Po teaches Klaus to focus and utilize the powers and ultimately ends up with a visual of the ancient masters. The episode ends with a vision of the ancient masters as Klaus summons them after tapping into his powers, and they point the Dragon Knights in a new direction. 

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