Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 15 Recap & Review

The Last Dumont

Episode 15 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with Alfie receiving updates from the soldiers of the ancient army. They inform him about the Dragon Knights and he emphasizes on knowing their next move.

Po and the others make a plan to team up with Klaus despite opposition from many members. Just as they are discussing, they hear heavy footsteps approaching them and take a defensive stance, thinking it is one of Alfie’s sentinels. Just then, Colin walks into the room to join them. He decides to enquire with a noodle chef and make their way to Mage Island.

On arrival at the store, they realize it is no one but Weymen. He demands they apologize for leaving him to die. Blade tries her best but cannot find herself capable of putting together an apology and ends up squeezing out the information from him.

After the Dragon Knights leave, the soldiers of the ancient army enter the noddle shop. The Dragon Knights make their journey up north. The ancient soldiers bring Weymen to Alfie for questioning and extort the information out of him. He sends his soldiers in pursuit of the Dumont.

Back on Mage Island, the mages prepare to leave due to a harsh climate change, but Klaus decides to stay back and down in his guilt. Just then, he hears the screams of the mages and sees the sentinels wreak havoc over the mages. They spot Klaus but he quickly runs and hides himself in an underground bunker.

Meanwhile, Po and the others make their journey towards Klaus on the scorpion but leave it behind as it is unable to walk on ice. They reach the mage’s settlement to find that it has been abandoned. Just then, Po realizes the sentinels have captured a group of mages and they realize it’s because Klaus is still hiding there.

Blade and the others stumble upon Klaus’ bunker and meet up with him. Po tells him about his magical powers and how they could help stop the weapons and save the world. He is shocked to know Alfie is behind his sister’s death. He throws a tantrum at Blade and they point knives at each other.

Just then, Klaus hears the voice of Veruca calling out to him. He quickly exits the bunker in search of her. Po attempts to stop him, but he walks into the shadow demon of Veruca. It is too late before he realizes it is a trap and ends up getting captured by the shadow demons.

Po and the others decide to use the poof-ing to set Klaus free. They jump onto the trees and platforms built by the mages and push down crates and barrels to crush the soldiers. They manage to crush all the demons and save Klaus, but the shadow demons pull themselves back together and approach the Dragon Knights once again.

The group begins to run for the scorpions. Klaus is in two minds as he gravitates toward his sister’s shadow demon. On arrival, Akna realizes the scorpions are too cold to start up. Just then, the group realizes that Klaus has been captured by Veruca. Po quickly jumps in, squishes the shadow demon and sets Klaus free.

Akna manages to start one of the scorpions. Colin comes up with the idea to use the first scorpion to smack the ice, causing the shadow demons to fall into the frozen lake. This gives Akna time to start the other scorpions and the group manages to escape. They set up camp in a jungle.

Blade empathizes with Klaus’ loss and Po ensures him that he has what it takes and it’s just a matter of trying until he unlocks his full potential. Back in China, Ping approaches the Emperor requesting him to start a war with England while Forouzan approaches the Queen in England to start a war with China.

The Episode Review

The final showdown against Alfie begins to rile up the team as they plot and execute their plan against the tyrannical ruler. Episode 15 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 takes a wild twist by making Klaus a significant addition to the team and rests a lot on his shoulders as he is necessary to summon the ancient master.

The chapter plays a major role in preparing Klaus to join the protagonists in their endeavors. Throughout the episode, Klaus finds himself meaninglessly existing without any meaning after the loss of his sister. Things, however, take a turn as he realizes his sister is plain evil and it is Blade who sets him free despite having no reason to. 

The episode isn’t very plot intensive as the Dragon Knights carry out exactly what they had planned for. The only addition to the storyline is the constant pressure from Alfie’s sentinels. It ends with the Dragon Knights securing Klaus and now preparing to summon the ancient masters before facing Alfie. 

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