Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Master Key

Episode 14 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 begins with an ancient soldier picking up civilians who were quarrelling while playing chess.

Po and Blade go over the plan once again as they prepare to take different paths to get Akna and Rukmini. Po makes his way to Akna’s village and is stunned to see the progress they have made. He arrives at the village, quickly gulps down some hot coca and plays Pok-ta-pok with Ba.

Po accidentally hits the ball away and encounters an ancient soldier. Ba tells him about their rules and how things have changed with the non-violence rule. Meanwhile, Blade reaches India and finds Rukmini helping her people. Rukmini agrees to join her after running some errands. 

Po chases the scorpion creature in search of Akna. However, he meets PelPel instead. He finds another ancient soldier in Pelpel’s village, but Pelpel assures him they’re doing alright with plenty of rain and shipping out coca to places with harsher conditions. 

He learns that Akna never reached their village and assumes she is dead. He takes flowers to the volcano to pay his last respects. There he sees someone working on the scorpions, and it is revealed to be Akna. Akna denies her identity and begins to run into the scorpion machines.

Rukmini and Blade head over to Jayesh’s house where they throw Rukmini a surprise birthday party. Rukmini agrees to leave after the party. Meanwhile, Po chases Akna through the city while disrupting everyone in the neighborhood. The ancient soldier picks up on the commotion. 

Rukmini further postpones their departure until after the gifts are distributed. Meanwhile, Po chases Akna up the tower in the scorpion machines. Trying to get to Akna, Po crashes into her, and they both fall off the tower. 

Ready to attack, the guard comes charging at them.  Meanwhile, Rukmini and Diya run around the city, distributing gifts they have stolen. Just then, Diya invites them for a birthday dinner. Blade takes a stand against it, but Rukmini insists they go for it.

Po and Akna face the charging soldier. Akna attempts to fly through the Pok-ta-pok hoop but gets stuck inside it. Po attempts to save her but is held back by the sentinel. Just then, Ba and Pelpel step in with their scorpions to fight the sentinel.

Akna expresses her distrust in friends after Alfie’s betrayal, but Po manages to win back her trust. They engage in combat against the sentinel and crush it with the scorpion. Blade waits for Rukmini’s birthday dinner to end and observes the family celebrate her and feels a slight guilt.

Blade decides to leave without Rukmini but she stops her and assures her that she will accompany them in fighting against Alfie because she wishes to protect them from the tyrannical new world order. Diya appreciates her efforts in spending the last day with them and making it special. She surprises her with fireworks to end the day in the perfect manner. Rukmini assures her that she will be back after defeating Alfie.

Po, Blade, Akna and Rukmini reunite and prepare to destroy the weapons. Po explains that the ancient masters aren’t dead and that their souls are trapped inside the elements. Rukmini suggests they use someone on the inside like Duncan, Veruca, or Mastodon. Having most of their options gone they realize they could take the help of Klaus as he is a descendent along with Veruca.

The Episode Review

The wrath of Alfie’s plan finally manifests as he uses his sentinels to bring about a utopia by applying brute force. This intertwines itself with the mission Po and Blade are on as they seek to gather the Dragon Knights in an effort to fight Alfie and the Ancient Army. Episode 14 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 is a long chase while Rukmini keeps postponing their leave and Akna can’t seem to make peace with trusting anyone.

In terms of advancements towards the goal, the episodes maintain an extremely consistent flow. In this one, they zero in on Klaus, as he is the only descendant of the ancient masters who can still help them. It is strange that Klaus is their descendant because he is a whole different species of animal from the ancient masters.

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