Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 13 Recap & Review

The Poison Ravine

Episode 13 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with Blade returning to Po to convince him to rejoin the Dragon Warriors, but Po tells her that it won’t be helpful as Alfie is far too powerful with the weapons. Po heads back to his room as Blade decides to come up with a plan to cheer him up. She takes advice from Ping on how to become more like Po and follows his advice.

Ping tells her she must have a big heart, a smile, and a can-do attitude while mushing up words and giving things a nickname. Blade takes this façade over to Po, and he is taken aback by this new attitude. She insists they sit down and discuss a strategy to take down Alfie.

Unfortunately, several hours later also they are stuck at the same place with no new ideas despite reading the graphic novel of Master Sloth. Blade heads out to ask Ping for help as Po still hasn’t gained any energy.

Forouzan advises that he should get out of the room, move, and do things. Ping gets an idea to make Po feel accomplished and sends him along with Blade to fetch a special kind of pepper, which only he could get.

Po and Blade leave to obtain the pepper. Just as they reach the river, they discover that the water is gone due to the geological changes Alfie has brought about. Po suggests they return without obtaining the pepper, as the plants on the riverbed are poisonous. 

Blade convinces him to enter and find it as she jumps onto the river bed. Po wrestles with his inner demon, who puts dark thoughts into his mind and jumps off the banks. Unfortunately, on landing, his leg touches one of the plants on the riverbed, and Po gets paranoid that it’ll go numb. Blade helps him to walk as his leg feels numb and tingly. Po whines about it all the way, but Blade doesn’t let her smile disappear and encourages him to continue.

As they walk, the dark thoughts in his head begin to make fun of him for being dependent and useless. Po fights them off and Blade takes notice of it. Po tells her that he doesn’t need her support and continues to walk without her help. The dark thoughts constantly attempt to demonize Blade’s words and manage to drive Po away from her.

Blade reassures him that she is there for him, but Po shrugs it off, pointing out the pepper plant. This is nothing but another disappointment, as there are no peppers on the plants. Blade decides to look for another pepper plant while Po rests. 

As Blade is away, Po continues to wrestle with Op, but Blade returns quickly after finding the pepper plant. Blade then helps him walk over to the pepper plant and tells him to climb up the steep slope and fetch a bunch of peppers. Po confronts her about why she cares so much about the peppers. Blade explodes, telling him she is doing everything for him because he is acting like a baby.

She also makes sarcastic remarks about him climbing the rock by himself. This pushes Po to make an attempt, but he goes halfway up and comes tumbling down onto Blade, causing her to fall onto one of the flowers, which intoxicates her. Po gets worried if she is alright and questions her. She begins to complain to Po about how she feels, and Po tries to cheer her up.

They relate to each other’s feelings and apologize to each other. Po beats the dark thoughts and gets up despite it trying to pull him down. He empathizes with Blade’s situation and assures her that he is with her. After a long day of talking, Po realizes he can walk and stand and shows her the pepper.

Blade’s high hasn’t worn out yet and she begins to run towards the mountain saying she will live there. Po realizes what the comic meant to say about Master Sloth and the mountain. And returns home with an idea. 

On returning home, Po discusses his idea with Blade and tells her that each of the masters had committed their souls to something, and they could figure out how to use their help to create the forge as they still exist in the elements.

The Episode Review

In episode 13 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3, the primary focus lies purely on character building as it flips the roles between Po and Blade. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do that by pumping up the Kung Fu in Po’s character, but rather with the downfall of Po’s enthusiasm and zeal.

This isn’t long-lived as Blade recognizes Po’s role in the mission and takes on the task of being his source of energy as she puts on a façade to persuade him. Ping and Forouzan also contribute by presenting Blade with solutions, including one that operates on the principle small accomplishments build self-esteem.

The episode takes the Dragon Knights closer to cracking the code to win against Alfie when Po realizes the ancient masters reside in the elements and can help them against the Tianshang weapons.

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