Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Battle of Tianshang Part 2

Episode 11 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with the Knights searching for Klaus and Veruca after their escape. Veruca appears disoriented, but Klaus attempts to keep her sane and decides to chase after the weapons.

Po and the others are astonished to see Veruca, and she demands they hand over the weapons if they wish to be let off the hook easily. She cunningly explains that her lineage is tied to the weapons, but Po and the others insist on another solution.

Veruca accuses him of stalling, and just then Colin steps in and pins her to the wall while the others run. Veruca uses her magical vines to get him out of the way while Po and the others make a run for it. Po uses the whip to kill off the vines, but Veruca arrives on her vines. Po uses the gauntlet to smash the large rock they’re on into pieces and float away from Veruca.

Veruca uses her magic to make the vines tip the stone and follow Po and the others. She begins to hurl rocks at them with the magical vines. The team decides to split up and destroy each of the weapons.

Veruca begins to chase Akna and Rukmini. She shows up unexpectedly and throws their rock off balance. Akna tries to save Rukmini from under the rocks, but Veruca hops in and steals the storm wheel from her. Veruca then heads over to Po to snatch the weapons but is intercepted by Blade as she uses the abilities of the storm wheel through the sword. 

A battle breaks out between Veruca and Blade as they clash. Just before Lady Lucinda places the helmet of wind in the forge, Veruca bites Blade and takes off to snatch the helmet, whip, and gauntlet, thus completing her collection. 

Veruca then releases the ancient army they dreaded. Blade attempts to attack her, but is blown away by the wind helmet. Just then, Veruca releases Alfie. Thrilled by the site, Blade rushes to hug him but is met with a jab to her stomach. Po realizes Mastodon has also been released, but Mastodon attacks him as he tries to bring him back to consciousness. 

Veruca uses Alfie to relentlessly beat Blade. Colin, Akna, and Rukmini arrive to help Po escape from Mastodon and he runs off to help Blade. Veruca claims she wants Blade to feel like she did when Blade killed Klaus. Po manages to reach just in time and tells Veruca that Klaus isn’t dead. He also tells her Ping ran into him on the island full of Mages and if Blade killed Klaus he would show up with the spirits.

This brings everything to a standstill as Veruca drops the sword. She expresses her disbelief but realizes the logic completely adds up. Just then, Alfie stabs her in the back with the sword. He then goes to wake up Blade as she lies unconscious. She wakes up, landing a punch on his face, but then hugs him along with their mother. 

Colin decides it isn’t too late to tell Blade. On the Mages’ Island, Klaus has a gut feeling that something has happened to Veruca. Mastodon apologizes for the attack and explains how the spirits had been trapped. He appreciates Po’s efforts to destroy the weapons as it would set their souls free. Alfie hears about Po and his journey with Blade and appreciates Po. 

They pick up the weapons and head toward the forge to destroy them. Just then, the group sees Alfie wearing the weapons. He preaches how he could do good with the weapons, like keeping Lulu safe and saving the world from itself. He expresses his disappointment in the ancient masters as well as the Knights. He preaches that the world would not be a better place without weapons as well. He proclaims that he will fix what the ancient masters broke and bring the world together, making it Pangea.

The Episode Review

Episode 11 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 focuses on the return of Veruca as she shows up in Tianshang, successfully steals the weapons, and unleashes the ancient army. Interestingly, this also releases Alfie, who then goes on to stab Veruca. The main plot twist however is the revelation of Alfie’s true colors.

This indeed is an ankle-breaker as throughout the series Alfie’s image has been painted in gold. It is an amazing buildup and makes the anticipation of Po versus Alfie much more intense. It also gives an intriguing perspective as the last time Blade knew him was when she was a young naive girl. It dramatically highlights how children see things as rosy and green and how perspective changes with maturity.

Unfortunately, Kung Fu Panda doesn’t kung fu anymore. The show is interesting and has an amazing storyline, but it fails to live up to its name. Without his elegant kung fu moves, Po is just a naively optimistic panda tagging along with the team. What’s even worse is the show doesn’t really revolve around the main character and is disappointing.

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