Kubra – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Kubra begins with Gokhan asking people to believe in him, for he’s the messenger of Allah.  He asks people to let go of their doubts and put their faith in Allah. Gokhan goes on to say that the power outage was a warning from the Almighty, who’s asking us to abandon our worldly possessions and aspirations to acquire material wealth for contentment in our hearts. Never turn your face away from the needy, and ever be empathic and kind, Gokhan preaches. 

People listen to Gokhan’s words and donate their possessions, be it money, furniture, food, and whatnot, and Gokhan and his followers later distribute these materials to the poor and needy.

Gokhan is also approached by corrupt politicians who offer him tons of money to join politics or at least agree to a sit down with their leader. Gokhan makes it clear that he has no greed for money or fame and will never join politics. 

While Gokhan is spreading the word of God, the city’s administration is facing heat for their failure to identify and capture those who’re targeting the city’s power grid and causing the blackouts. The media often bug them for comments on both their failure and the growing popularity of Semavi, a.k.a Gokhan. 

The city administration calls him Charlton, a false prophet looking for fame and notoriety. Since Gokhan is becoming a headache for the city administration, they decide to take him down. The cops on the case approach Serhat, Gokhan’s nemesis and friend, who has a tendency to often get himself in trouble he has trouble getting out of. Thus, they ask him to infiltrate Gokhan’s group and gather evidence on him. 

Tugce, a journalist, meets Merve and asks her if she can interview Gokhan and her. Merve is hesitant at first, but after Tugce says it can help Gokhan gain more followers, she agrees to converse with Gokhan about it. Merve tries talking to Gokhan about it, saying it will help him spread Allah’s word to the masses, and Gokhan agrees. 

Trouble brews when cops arrive at the court and threaten Gokhan and others to return the donation, claiming what they’re doing is a crime and they can’t distribute goods to people without a permit. Serhat capitalises on the opportunity and sneaks inside the office and clones Gokhan’s phone so the cops can know with whom he’s talking. Things take a dark turn when one of the cop’s guns goes off, killing Burak, a young follower. As for Serhat, he returns the cloned phone to the cop. 

Burak’s death breaks Gokhan, and he blames himself. Vulnerable and alone, he asks Allah to make him feel his presence. As the episode nears its end, Gokhan asks Allah to show himself somehow. He receives a text where the almighty asks him to shift his gaze at the unit building ahead, and as soon as Gokhan does, the building is reduced to rubble. Moreover, Gokhan also hears a voice, possibly of Allah’s, saying that Gokhan can’t see Him. 

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of Kubra takes a tragic turn when Burak, one of the youngest followers, is shot and killed. The boy’s mother pleads with Gokhan to help her son, asking him to talk to Allah so he can spare her son’s life, as he is still young. Gokhan looks at the sky, waiting for a miracle to happen, but it is all in vain, and the boy dies. From the looks of it, it appears that Gokhan’s faith is dwindling, and he’s having doubts. Will he be able to pass more challenges set by the Almighty Himself for him?

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