Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 7 “Please Demeter” Recap & Review

Please Demeter

Episode 7 of Krapopolis introduces a new problem for King Tyrannis – blighted grains. Although the agriculture momentum is just picking up, farmers potentially face ruined yields. With no food or crops, Tyrannis knows his people will starve.

At their morning family breakfast, Tyrannis requests Deliria for help. This is highly unusual but he understands the larger good at stake. Goddess Demeter is the one who can bless their agricultural practices back into blossom.

But Deliria has an old unresolved issue with her concerning earrings. In the absence of help, Tyrannis decides to go to Demeter herself and ask for her mercy. In the other subplot, Hippocampus discovers that Prack the Unstoppable, a frenemy of Stupendous, features in the obits pot. She is stunned to learn it. Stupendous also refers to Prack as “them,” indicating that she is neither fully male nor female.

He offers a drunk goat to Demeter as a sacrifice. And the Goddess responds positively. In fact, she is so impressed with Tyrannis that they talk all evening while drinking wine. Not only does he successfully convince Demeter to resolve the agricultural crisis, but he also gets a lunch date with her. Stupendous convinces Hippocampus to temporarily poison her so that she can go to Hades and fight Prack for the final time. He guides her through the world as Stupendous makes it to the other side.

A river separates the two and Hippcomapus warns her against touching it. If she does, or anyone else for that matter, all their memories will be erased. When Tyrannis goes back the next day, Demeter and he make love instead of going on a date. She leaves him back home and gives him a bracelet.

Deliria learns about the encounter and confronts her son. She thinks Demeter wants to get back at her for the earrings but Tyrannis doesn’t believe her. It is quite unclear what Demeter’s motives are as of now. Tyrannis’ great love story hangs right in the balance.

Stupendous is so engaged in fighting with Prack that she doesn’t realize her mortal body is slowly dying. Hippocampus warns her that beyond a certain point, her mortal self will be vanquished. When she doesn’t listen to him, Hippocampus puts his life at stake to drink the poison and go to Hades himself.

Stupendous is touched by his gesture and makes a run for the boat to go back to the mortal world. Prack steps into the water and loses all their memory. Things become much clearer when Deliria visits Demeter at her temple. The latter confirms that her intentions with Tyrannis are honest. However, she is notorious for running her lovers dry till they die. When Tyrannis and Demeter go on a date to a regular site she visits, he becomes uncomfortable with her lack of compassion. 

The episode ends as Deliria promises to break her son’s heart at Demter’s behest to preserve him from the truth. Tyrannis is livid with himself for getting carried away while he has a city to rule. 

The Episode Review

Episode 7 is relatively less eventful than the previous episode and feels like a filler. Although most episodes have been similarly structured, the episode just didn’t seem cut from the same cloth. The central ploy with Demeter felt too linear with no highs and lows. It went at a flat pace, much like the other Hades subplot.

The latter was specifically too stretched and had very little substance. Prack and Stupendous’ quarrelling did not make any sense. The profound connection that was sought by the end for her did not materialize.

Weak one-liners, punches that didn’t land, and very little of Matt Berry’s Shlub make episode 7 one of the weakest in the series till now. 

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