Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 6 “Woods-stock” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Krapopolis is set at a Forest Festival, the equivalent of a music concert. The recurring joke in this episode is that Tyrannis is a mood killer. His siblings and parents do not miss a chance to remind him. We see a live example of how tree bushes turn back into their unanimated form once Tyrannis opens his mouth and starts asking them questions.

Shlub’s love and possessiveness for Deliria are also put to the test at the festival. This comes in the form of Goddess Hegemone who brings her own Mantitore boyfriend Paizo. He and Shlub belong to the same species (Matt Berry voices them both), who are generally considered laid back and devoid of human traits like jealousy. Daphne, a wood nymph, strangely takes an interest in Tyrannis. He is so overawed by her directness that he leaves their conversation in the middle to confront his siblings with the developments.

As he goes away, we discover Daphne’s true intentions. She takes a secret pathway and goes to a control room kind of setup. A controller and a few other “Tree People” closely monitor the “honey traps” they have set up. Daphne is one of the nymphs sent to woo and seduce people in important positions, such as Tyrannis and the Chief of Centaurs. They want to ensure their own survival, even though Daphne doesn’t fully agree with their methods.

She also brands Tyrannis as a non-threat. But her superiors galvanize her to stick to the script. Tyrannis tells Stupendous and Hippocampus about the interaction, who starts making fun of his naivety. A centaur passing by offers them “beans” and they take one each without hesitation, not realizing that the beans are laced. Stupendous de-grows into a miniature form, Hippocampus’ inner critic assumes an independent personality, and Tyrannis grows more like the tree people.

He instantly finds Daphne and jokingly remarks how his siblings think she has a hidden agenda. Afraid that her cover will be broken, Daphne suddenly kisses Tyrannis to throw him off. And it works. Tyrannis is so overwhelmed that he cannot contain himself. He “parties so hard” that the god of parties, Dionysus, shows up and announces that it is his favourite party now. It is now officially the collect party on earth! Everyone is excited and the party changes gears. 

Even Deliria is proud of her son for once, indicating the gravity of Dionysus’ appearance. Paizo successfully gets Shlub to admit that he is protective of Deliria and would be jealous if she would bed someone else. Tyrannis learns about Daphne’s agenda after he naively approaches her. Daphne warns Dionysus to leave the party as its continuation would destroy the forest. However, the god of parties isn’t listening and even turns Tyrannis away from reality, putting him under a spell. 

Stupendous and Hippocampus reach the outer edge of the party, which is not a pleasant sight. Daphne meets them there and sounds out an important warning. She says that everyone at the party is in danger. Dionysus does not eat or drink to stay alive. He does so through his parties, which do not stop until they are “dead.” She also mentions that Tyrannis is seeking their approval about everything and that they can save everyone’s life by encouraging him to kill the vibes. The siblings are convinced to do so and inform Tyrannis of it.

He gets on the task immediately and successfully kills the mood, compelling Dionysus to abandon the party and save the forest. Daphne promises to see him again someday as the family is once again reunited. Their bond is reinforced with the promise that everything will be all right at the end of the day. 

The Episode Review

Can it really be true that under all this show of ancient Greece and the birth of civilization, Krapopolis is about family? The last three episodes provide strong evidence. Episode 6 ended on a similar note as the one before it, albeit with even more confidence in the notion. While there aren’t too many laugh-out-loud moments, the one-liners and references are cheeky. 

The episode structure is getting stronger and clearer, providing a solid base for Harmon and the writing staff to go overboard. Krapoplis has gotten progressively more wild in this regard. Its growing assuredness is a much-needed respite for Fox, although the viewership numbers continue to disappoint.

While Krapopolis does not seem to have Harmon’s classic style, the dollop of madness is quaintly charming. 

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